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The first priority for healing is not them; it’s you

We had a great discussion in class today that I want to share with you:

The bottom line is this: In healing and in life, our first priority is ourself.

If we’re in a bad situation, an abusive relationship, or a toxic workplace, then our first priority is getting out of that situation and getting to a place of safety.

Our priority is healing our own selves.

Later, when we’re safe and stronger, then we can indeed look back on that situation or relationship.

And we can look for information that would explain why the person was abusive.

We might, for example, find that they had a traumatic childhood, or that they have an illness that has never been diagnosed nor treated, or that they have lived for decades being misjudged and cast out.

We might therefore find an explanation for their behaviour.

Having this can help us feel compassion towards the person who harmed us.

And that can bring deeper healing to ourselves, as well as forgiveness if that feels like something we want to do.

But this second part—turning to look at the abuser and seeking to feel compassion for them, or even worrying about their needs—that only happens after we have taken care of ourselves.

Step one is getting to safety, dealing with any urgent situations, and focusing on healing ourselves.

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