“Kali” Necklace & Amulet: Moldavite, Peridot, Green Opal, Green Apatite



Birthed of fire, explosions, volcanic activity, and meteorites crashing to Earth, this piece contains immense power.  It has asked to be named “Kali,” after the Goddess of Creation, Destruction, Time, and Power.  Kali is a “destroyer of evil forces,” and has been worshipped as “the Divine Mother, Mother of the Universe, [and] Adi Shakti.”  She is worshipped also as “the ultimate reality or Brahman,” and has as a consort Lord Shiva, who “lies calm and prostrate beneath her.”

The energies of this piece feel wild, untamed, and powerful.  They wish to be approached with respect and reverence before being put into service.

Use this piece for ceremony, mystical work, and more.

*This piece also carries the energy of the 3, including (though to a lesser extent) the 6.


Please review the Metaphysical Properties of the stones (below) for more understanding of the possibilities of this piece.

This necklace is made of:
– Moldavite (certified genuine);
– Peridot (Grade B+);
– Peruvian Green Opal (Grade B); and
– Green Apatite (Grade B+).

This necklace is embellished with Sterling Silver flower links, and a Sterling Silver chain.

*The chain may be shortened upon request.  Or, we can add a link to fashion a 2-inch extender chain.

This item comes in a jewelry box tied with ribbon.  Put The Light Here’s signature Moldavite charm comes as a separate piece, allowing you to use it as desired.  Crystal Care Instructions are included in your package.  Also included is our Silver Care Mini-Kit.

Full product details are below.

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Ships within 3-5 business days.  For questions about shipping, caring for your item, and more, please see the FAQs page.  Information about Moldavite may be found at the Metaphysical Properties of Crystals page.  moldavite necklace


Metaphysical Properties of This Product

Moldavite: Moldavite has extraterrestrial origins: It was formed by a meteorite that crashed into Earth almost 15 million years ago. This particular crash is noteworthy because of its “tremendous power. The force of the impact explosion has been estimated at six trillion megatons…. The [temperature]…was high enough to vaporize rock, and the main body of the meteorite is believed to have passed completely through the Earth’s crust.”* Back on the surface, a green, glass-like stone was formed, and we call this Moldavite.

Moldavite is revered partly because of its extraterrestrial origin; ancient cultures described it as having fallen from the sky, and the stone features in legends related to the Holy Grail.*

As well, Moldavite is revered for its powerfully high vibration and for the unique, off-planet energies that it carries. Many people believe that Moldavite is here on Earth to help our planet ascend to a higher level of existence. It is therefore considered to be a stone for the New Age.

Energetically, Moldavite is an activator: It activates one’s latent spiritual energies and one’s higher path. As explained by Naisha Ahsian: “Moldavite is a cardinal Storm element stone. Storm represents massive transformation, cleansing and change on all levels…. [Moldavite] carries an intense frequency that deeply activates the entire chakra system, stimulates the kundalini, cracks open one’s psychic channels and propels one into one’s future with the force of a hurricane…. Once you have invoked this ally’s power, it is best to be truly willing to face and release whatever has held you back so far.”

When used in meditation, Moldavite offers energetic activations, including by “energizing the interconnections between all aspects of one’s etheric, astral, causal and physical bodies”;* expanded awareness “that would put any hallucinogen to shame”;* “amazing cosmic journeys”;* communication with beings in other dimensions, on other planets, and across the cosmos; interdimensional travel; and a feeling of connection to, and oneness with, all of Creation.

The very high vibration of Moldavite also offers energetic and psychic protection for its users; it helps one to vibrate so high that lower energies, entities, and attachments are released and then repelled. Moldavite is one of the most important stones for protection, and indeed this is one key reason why many energy workers use it.

Moldavite’s ability to activate and enhance energies also applies to other stones: It can amplify the properties of stones with which it is paired.  moldavite necklace

Anyone who is new to Moldavite is encouraged to work with this stone gradually. Several days or even weeks may be needed to acclimate to Moldavite’s energy. Indeed, people “who hold Moldavite for the first time most often experience its energy as warmth or heat, [and this] has happened often enough to have been given a name—the ‘Moldavite flush.’”*

Please note: Moldavite may chip easily.

Mohs hardness: 5.5-7.
Group: Tektite.

moldavite necklace

Peridot: Peridot is a stone that can help you do three important things: stand in your power; align with your purpose; and move forward rapidly.

It is also a stone of protection: It is said to keep evil spirits away.  The stone additionally has a strong association with the sun and its energy.

Many people find that Peridot helps them to feel an inner peace; in particular, external jealousies and petty feelings drop away, and the person’s energies turn inward, where we find the feelings of oneness and trust.

Interestingly, Peridot is created in two places: One, within the Earth’s mantle (between the core and the crust), where it is brought to the surface during volcanic activity; and two, in outer space, and brought to the surface by meteors. (The latter gems are rare but do exist.)

Mohs hardness: 6.5-7.
Group: Magnesium iron silicate.  moldavite necklace


Opal: According to Judy Hall, Opal carries a fine vibration that “enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions.” It “strengthens the will to live” and can assist with memory, the blood, the kidneys, the eyes, fevers, and infections. It also helps to access one’s true self and teaches about karma and its consequences. Opal is best used with care, particularly because it can amplify any energies of yours that are scattered, imbalanced, or reactive. Users would do best to clear any unhealthy habits and traits, and to gain more fulsome control of their energies, before working with Opal.

As well, per Hall, “Opal is a protective stone in that, when properly programmed, it makes you unnoticeable or invisible. It can be used when venturing into dangerous places, and in shamanic work where stealth is required.”

Opal, Peruvian Green: Green Opal carries all of the traits of Opal, but it also helps to strengthen relationships. It offers a healing energy that is especially helpful with the emotions.

Mohs hardness: 5.5-6.5.
Group: Hydrated silica.


Apatite: Apatite is used often by healers and is helpful for working with karma and alternate lifetimes. It is said to promote humanitarian and service-oriented attitudes. It also assists with manifestation.

Physically, Apatite may help with arthritis and inflammation; may increase the metabolic rate; and may help the glands, meridians, and organs.  moldavite necklace

Apatite, Green: Green Apatite is associated with sending “healing energies to the Earth”* and communicating with Nature Spirits. It is said to open psychic and intuitive abilities.

It also awakens the knowledge of the heart,* allowing “one to clearly communicate the balanced wisdom of the mind and heart.”*

According to Robert Simmons, Green Apatite helps one to maintain inner balance while putting out energy, a clear energy field, and a heart-centered focus, which is ideal for teachers and healers.*

This stone is also used for manifestation, particularly for manifesting abundance and money.

Mohs hardness: 5
Group: Calcium Phosphate


Silver: The energy of the metal Silver is associated with the moon and the qualities of lunar energy; “life force in its hidden aspect”; introversion; the unconscious; cooling and calming energy; a sense of mystery; and the archetypal feminine energy.* “Silver is second to gold in its electrical conductivity.”*

moldavite necklace

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