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Life can change in an instant

Fires are burning the west coast of North America.

Floods are drowning the south coast.

Winds are destroying the east coast and Caribbean.

Earthquakes are shaking the very foundation of our lives throughout much of the continent.

That’s just North America.

Across the globe, millions of people are underwater in India.  Hundreds of thousands are fleeing Myanmar (Burma) due to persecution for who they are as individuals.  Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other “war” fronts remain in years-old turmoil.  Citizens in countries like Venezuela are rebelling against their governments to seek fairness in their lives.  Innocent people in North Korea, South Korea, and Japan are wondering if they will be victims of politics.  And solar activity and radiation is blasting us from above, to a degree not seen in more than a decade.  There is so much general upheaval…in so many places.

In the past 10 days alone (since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas), what percentage of the global population has lost their homes?

How many people no longer wake up to go to work in the morning–because they are displaced?  How many kids are sleeping in temporary shelters or on strangers’ couches while they wait for a storm to pass?  How many humans are living with borrowed money, wearing borrowed clothes, eating borrowed food?

At times like this, I wonder: How does anyone go about their life as if things are “normal”?

By “normal,” I essentially mean: School, college, job, marriage, house with a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, dog, yearly vacations, then retirement.

Years ago, I read a book by Aaron Cohen called “Slave Hunter.”  This man would go into unpleasant areas of countries that are known for…selling the services of children against their will…  He would collect enough evidence to eventually set these children free.  I write this because there was one line of his book that essentially asked readers for financial support for his efforts–and blatantly said to donate money to this rather than to spend it on “a kitchen renovation.”

At the time, I had been planning to decorate my new kitchen…  So this made me pause.  Partly, I thought: He’s right.  My money could do so much more good if I sent some to him.  And partly, I thought: But don’t I deserve a beautiful kitchen?  One that makes me feel happy and warm and good?  Didn’t I work hard for this?  And if I lived with a dreary kitchen just so that I could donate, then wouldn’t that defeat some of the point of life?

I find validity in both sides of the issue.

A colleague would tell me that we need to find joy in our lives, and to feel this joy.  Because in feeling it then we heal ourselves and keep our own selves going.  But we also enable the vibration of joy to permeate through the world, and in doing that, it can heal and uplift others.

So I spent some money on my kitchen.  And every time I was in that space, it made me happy.

But what I didn’t do was spend money unnecessarily, or spend exorbitant amounts of money–especially on things that I didn’t need.  I wasn’t wasteful.  I appreciated all that I had.  And I simultaneously donated to a variety of causes.  Currently, I sponsor a youngster in Nepal, through Plan Canada.  I share what I have.  Because that’s what we need to do right now.

One thing that I also did was shatter any beliefs I might have had about “living a normal life.”  And I began to prepare for change.

I acknowledged that change could happen to me and my life at any time.  I even identified from where these changes could come, based on my geographic location and demographics.  I tried to make peace with all of it.  I got over as many fears of discomfort as I could.  I prepared emergency kits and made sure that I was ready for almost anything.  I had spare cash, spare food, copies of important documents, clothes, water, gas, and more on hand at all times.

Change is coming for a lot of us.  It is a reflection of the times we are in.

We’re either on the receiving end of that change, or we’re spared the catastrophe and are in a position to assist the people who aren’t so lucky.

I hope you made it through these storms and are safe and warm and fed.  If that’s not you, then I offer you peace and healing energies, and whatever the Cosmos is able to provide you.

We are all on this planet together.  We need to assist each other as much as is right for us to do so.


If you or a loved one would welcome some energy healing, then we offer distant energy work at a discounted rate as part of my GivingBack initiative.  We also tend to send healing to the whole planet so that everyone is assisted.  Registration is here.

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