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Did you know you have double the power this month?

Part of my journey of awakening to my true self included the heavy use of numerology. This is the understanding of numbers for their mystical, occult, and energetic significance.  We live in a Universe that is created with order; and part of that order is revealed through…yes, numbers. personal numerology

To explain it simplistically, a person’s numerology works at two main levels. First is the overview of their life: Their numerology reveals the otherwise-hidden depths of their soul, soul’s purpose, challenges and karmas innate to this lifetime, and spiritual gifts. Second is a real-time perspective: Here, you get a current reading of your life right now, based on what the numbers of your profile mean when compared with the numbers of the planet. This latter type of numerology reading is therefore like a short-term forecast for your life.

Enter Month 9.

One facet of these short-term forecasts involves the fact that each month in our calendar year is assigned a number between 1 and 9; 1 represents the beginning of a cycle and 9 represents the completion of it. This calculation is unique to you based on your birthday. So, at any given time, you will be in a month number that is different from, say, mine.

Yet, in the ninth month of the Gregorian calendar, there is a truth that applies to every single person: We are being doubly influenced by whatever number we’re at.

This gives twice the power to your month number, and it can be felt either positively or not.

As we are now in that ninth month, you may wish to look up your numbers and use them to your advantage.  This site will help you calculate your “personal month” number, simply by inputting your date of birth.

Once you do your numbers, if you find anything in your way, then this Mini-Course can help you:

“Blocks to Success: Here’s what’s in your way.”
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~ Jen

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