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Fall Equinox: Are You Ready for the Harvest?

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On Monday, September 23, 2019, some of the world will be focused on the arrival of autumn, and they will celebrate by changing their decorations to reflect the golden shades of the season, preparing their gardens for winter, and perhaps looking forward to cool nights with warm beverages. fall equinox

Yet in the communities who harmonize their energies with Gaia’s, and with our solar system’s, they will feel something deeper: They will feel the moment on this day when our planet reaches equality between the energies of light and the energies of dark.

Pure balance will exist, for a moment.

And after this moment the scales will tip yet again, as the cycle towards maximum imbalance will continue towards the other end of the light-dark spectrum.

In addition to this inner harmony, Fall Equinox (which is Latin for equal night) has another significance: It is the time of Spiritual Harvest. Often, work done throughout the year begins to come to fruition at this time.

Fall Equinox is also considered by some mystics to be the true New Year. Energetically, it is a time when a new cycle begins in our lives. For this reason, it is best to bring to completion all things that are currently outstanding prior to Equinox’s arrival.

As mystics, we tie up loose ends. We complete any ongoing processes of disengaging from situations or people. We make space in our lives. We become as ready as possible to welcome in the new.

To assist you with these types of preparations, I invite you to use the call that I recorded on Summer Solstice 2017: The guided energy healing meditation here is designed to help you break free of anything that no longer serves you and align with higher possibilities. See below for details.

I wish you a peaceful transition from one into another. An abundant reaping of what you have sown. And a very Happy Spiritual New Year.

~ Jen

“SOLSTICE SPECIAL: Let go and align with a higher version of YOU.”
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This article was updated in August 2019.

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