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Self-healing–even when it’s scary

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Have you ever healed a part of yourself that, at first, scared you?

I just did another self-healing, and encountered this issue:

I was faced with a part of me that presented as an octopus. Now, in some types of energy work, octopus is the form that dark energy takes. So I hesitated to integrate this octopus part of me when I first saw it.

Exercising discernment and other skills showed me that this was nothing to fear. And so I successfully healed this part of myself.

And I’m glad I did: Octopus is a pretty wonderful being—they have three hearts, nine brains, and are intelligent and adaptable.

Would you like to be able to heal yourself like this, when needed? Learn how to do it in my online course, which starts August 6.  Register here.


self healing, octopus totem, energy healing, animal totems, power animal retrieval

self healing

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