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Energy Update: The Push for Disclosure

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I haven’t been doing much writing lately.  My efforts have been directed elsewhere.  I have, however, noticed a difference in the energies of late December and January, so I thought I’d share for those who are interested.


Mid- to late-December was an intense period, energetically.  We received and anchored significant amounts of Light at and around Solstice, which was on the 21st.  On the 25th, I spent the day feeling like I was in labor, which was simply a sign that something significant was happening.

We continued to receive higher-than-normal levels of Light through to about mid-January.

Now, this Light is in the period of integration.  Which is not always comfortable.


But back to the late-December / early January period for a moment: Another thing that happened, was that nighttime activities increased significantly.  I wrote about this here, and explained that you might have found yourself going in and out of realities constantly while the body slept.  Or, if you don’t generally do Lightwork, then you might have been processing emotional and karmic baggage in this same manner–one thing after another after another, all night long.

Now, remember how the energetic realms work: Change is made first in the energetic level, and the final level of manifestation is the physical plane.

So, all of that work at night to clear negative and lower energies will eventually become noticeable in our physical world; that is, in our daily life.

That is what has been happening lately–a noticeable change in our daily life and the world around us.


Over the past several years, much work has been done to clear the background energy that supports not-so-pleasant activities that humans sometimes engage in.  The support structure for such activities was dismantled.  Therefore, over time, such activities can no longer be hidden, kept secret, continued.  The balance of power transfers: usually, from the wrongdoers to those to whom the wrong was done.  The latter parties (or their representatives) are imbued with the energy and the Light-backed support to stand up to the wrongdoers and deliver the final, physical-world blows that take them down for good.

Have you noticed this trend lately?


In the interests of full disclosure, what we call “sex” is an energetic act.  At its fundamental level, it is an activity that manipulates the energies that flow through the human body, concentrates that energy in a certain part of the body, and, at climax, releases a burst of energy.  One who works with energy has the knowledge of how to harvest this burst from another person.

Which is why a) we are all encouraged to have lots and lots of intimacy; and, b) why the darker humans have so many rituals (or just plain habits or compulsions) that involve it.

They gain energy from the act.

It is one of their main fuels.


Depriving them of this sustenance is important.  It is also now occurring.

Have you noticed?

All matter is energy.


But, think of what a person is like when they are starving.  Really hungry.  And think of someone who is accustomed to being fed–regularly.  What do they become when they are starving?  Desperate.

So, right now, there is much lashing out of the darker ones, who are not only being revealed for what they are and for what they have been doing in secret, but who are also missing their regular feedings of our energy.  Anyone who has noticed an increase in either heaviness or attacks can now understand part of what they are feeling.

Here is an important thing to know: You have the power, and the caliber, to dissipate these attacks.  They are not stronger than you are.  And they are slowly dying.

dark energies, desperate dark, disclosure, lightworker


For especially the last two or three years, there has been a large population of people who have been demanding “disclosure.”  What they want is for the truth to come out, and for the truth to be admitted to by those who covered it up.

They want the people who have been keeping secrets from us to now admit these secrets.

And such secrets range from the energy-harvesting acts mentioned above, to the real, true, hard-to-hear reasons why they would harvest such energy in the first place.

This disclosure is starting to happen.


To be fair, “disclosure” happens any time the truth is told and a person really hears it.  So  the “me too” movement has helped to shed light on some dark acts, regardless of how you feel about the movement itself or any aspect of it.

The hard-hitting disclosure, though, is starting to happen.  I feel it inside of me, in the places where I communicate with Spirit and my team.  I notice it in the things I am being asked to say (on my personal social media streams usually, but also here).  I see it when I scan other media sites where people speak freely.  It is coming.  It is time.  It is actually long past time.


So this push for the truth to be seen and acknowledged–that is the main dynamic of mid- to late January that I have noticed.  First, we received intense amounts of Light.  Then, we worked intensely at night to make space for this Light–by clearing away all that is less than.  Now, we are impelled to speak our truth.

Do you feel it?

Or, does it scare you?  (Which is a totally normal sentiment.)

Please know that the Light forces have absorbed much of the shock that gets felt when we learn the truth.  As well, much unnecessary shock or truth is simply getting dissolved from the energetic records; there are things that we just don’t need to know.  In these cases, they are dealt with quietly in the background.


You are welcome always to join the weekly energy healing calls, held Wednesdays at 7pm EST / 4pm PST online and by phone.  You are not alone.


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