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Lightworker Portfolios: March Equinox as a Delivery Point for Light

It was a Monday.  2015.  March.  Into my awareness came the words, “Power Surge.”  Flashing; on and off, on and off.  “Power Surge.  Power Surge.  Power Surge.”  A warning light.

This had never happened before.

My guidance instructed me to spend the next 72 hours in total darkness.  Turn off the lights, close the curtains, unplug the technology, speak to no one.  The proverbial three days of darkness.  My Higher Team also wanted me to keep my spine as straight as possible throughout this period.  I rolled out my yoga mat and decided to do this in Savasana rather than Full Lotus; I was tired.


It had been a very Dark, very difficult winter so far.  I had been subjected to immense amounts of energetic current, being dumped into and channeled through my physical body; I had no idea at the time what was happening–only that it was somehow right and that I had no ability to stop it.  But it scared me, often.  I had yet to encounter the term “Lightworker.”  Or to learn clearly that there was some type of “ascension” trying to happen.

In addition to the currents treating me like a lightning rod, I was also being used to absorb, transmute, and remove from the planet an almost endless succession of negative frequencies.  Multiple per day.  There was always a new one waiting for me.  Emotions such as rage, aggression, betrayal, worthlessness, and grief; and highly specific sub-frequencies such as, “I didn’t know that would be the last time I ever saw you (or I would have said goodbye),” were being felt by me in order to dissolve as much of them as possible, permanently.*

This is one manner in which some Lightworkers remove chunks of energy–often the deeply buried energies, stored in the planet itself, in the cells of people / animals, and in our unconscious.  Removing frequencies in this manner means that, when a person or group is required to deal with the buried feeling, they are not so overwhelmed by it that it consumes them.  Said another way, it can be easier (though not “easy”) to face what we need to face, when some of the shock has already been dealt with.  I once heard that when we take steps to face our shadow sides, if we do 50% of the work then the Angels, out of grace, will do the other 50%.  This seemed an apt interpretation of what was happening.

On top of this massive clearing of lower frequencies, I was also being subjected to attacks from a host of levels that were not pleased with these attempts to make Earth lighter.  I did not at the time understand Black Magic, psychic attacks, energy weapons, and dark beings writ large; I still believed that everyone was genuinely good and that I myself was not worthy of attention let alone a directed attack.  So I endured these feelings and energies in isolation.**

Throughout the winter of 2015, I was doing all of this totally alone; my teachers and colleagues, as well as most of my friends, were in the unseen realms.  Anyone human with whom I did have interaction generally had no concept of what I was going through.  That is to say, the few people who were allowed to have contact with me; these were my days spent undercover and in hiding.  Life was 24/7 radio silence, both physically and energetically.

So, by March, I was exhausted.  An energy healing colleague at the time perceived me to look like “an overloaded circuit board.”  That seemed correct.

So I received the “Power Surge” warning and the instructions for a 72-hour blackout period as just another phase of the job, but I chose to lay down rather than try to hold myself upright.

That Monday was, specifically, March 16.  The Equinox was occurring on Friday, March 20.  The 72 hours spanned late Monday through late Thursday–just prior to the day on which our hours of light are equal to our hours of darkness.  Perfect balance, for several moments.

When I finally emerged from the blackout and perused the Internet, I discovered the source of the “power surge”: It was a very rare G4-level Geomagnetic Storm.  On the scale of 1-5, 4 is classified as Severe.  The G4 storm had begun on Monday.


Beginning in 2015 and every year since (with the exception of this one, which has unfolded differently), I have found that the months leading up to the March Equinox have been focused intensely on clearing as many lower frequencies from our world as possible–thereby creating as much space as possible for new, ideally higher, energies.  If we want to integrate more light, then we must create room for it; period.  This function does not happen automatically just by wishing it so; it is a mechanical, systematic operation facilitated by those who are here to do it.  So the fact that immense amounts of “dark” were cleared meant to me that commensurate amounts of “light” were able to arrive.  Did we feel it back then?  Not necessarily: remember that the physical reality is the last level to change.  All non-physical levels needed to lock into place first.  But are we noticing it now?  Perhaps.


Now to explain the title of this post: “Lightworker Portfolios” is a way to acknowledge the fact that we all are here to do different things.  Therefore we all experience events such as an Equinox in different ways; in a manner aligned with what we are here to do and to work with.

For some, the cosmic alignments associated with Equinoxes, Solstices, and Eclipses are beautiful, blissful, light-filled times; these souls are often the ones who focus primarily on working with the Light.  For others, such alignments are completely dark; these souls are often ones who focus primarily on working with (or helping to re-balance) the Dark.  For still others, there is a mix of both of the aforementioned activities, depending on what is needed at any given time.  And some souls are not affected at all; life continues as normal, in accordance with their soul’s work and the conscious decisions of the grounded self.

What we are here to do is what I refer to as a “portfolio”: The set of frequencies, issues, tasks, people, beings, and/or geographic locations that the soul has chosen to work with for this lifetime.  For the past several years, the focus of my own portfolio was to work with the background energies; to dismantle or uninstall programs, and to construct, install, bring online, and even beta test new ones.  And also to help secure the entire process as much as possible, since we are indeed in a bit of a war with the Dark about this issue of re-balancing the ratio of dark to light, control to freedom.  Now that the bulk of that work has been completed for me, and handed to the next phase of Lightworkers to continue, my focus has thankfully shifted–onto the surface, and out in the open.  Which is why the 2018 Equinox period has been different, for me at least.

Back to portfolios: It can be beneficial to recognize what our personal portfolio contains–and what it does not.  Some people wonder why they don’t get to experience the bliss of gateway energy, or why they never seem to come under dark attack; it might not be in their portfolio to do so.  Some people care about certain social issues but have no affinity for other, equally valid issues; possibly, the “other issues” are not theirs to worry about in this life.

As well, it can also be beneficial to recognize when a task from our portfolio has been completed.  This means that we can celebrate the accomplishment, then let it go and peacefully move onto a new activity.

When we learn our portfolio and its boundaries, we are better able to focus on what we are here to do, and we conserve our energy since we’re not trying to work on things outside of our tasking.  As well, we may find relief in knowing that that which we are not here to do is almost certainly assigned to someone else; meaning, all issues are covered.  There are souls assigned to protecting the environment.  There are souls assigned to being an advocate for children.  There are souls assigned to defending the rights of animals.  There are souls assigned to probably every issue that can be imagined.

So what things are part of your own portfolio?  To what degree are you focused on the items within it?  Are there issues or activities that draw your attention–but that are not yours to focus on?  If so, can you feel that someone else is handling those things, and therefore find relief and comfort with this information?  Have you ever wondered why you are not like someone else?

Comparison is a quick way to feel confused in a world that is so vast.  There are so many things happening simultaneously, at so many levels.  There are at least seven billion of us here right now dressed as humans.  And each of us is unique.  Let us know our own selves.  Let us do what we uniquely are here to do.  Let us take comfort in knowing that others are doing the same.  And let’s see what we can create together.



*Others with similar taskings were almost certainly doing the same during this period.

**I wish to use this opportunity to state clearly that it is possible to a) experience trauma, b) become traumatized, and c) develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from non-physical, specifically psychic, events.  Nearly all of my traumatic experiences have come from the very sneaky and highly subtle: black magicians; Dark souls; Dark mystics; Dark psychics; and on- and off-planet controllers of the wide variety of energetic weaponry currently in use.  Psychic warfare is real.  Psychic soldiers and spies are therefore real, as well.  This subject has to a limited extent been acknowledged by governments (militaries, specifically), but it is not openly discussed at this time.  And so help for this type of trauma is lacking.  Which is one reason why I offer services to people who have been traumatized, including the Lightworkers whose battlefield is not visible to human eyes.  It is possible to heal and find peace, and we deserve it.


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