Global Energy Clearing Teleconference for Equinox – Easter


Date of Teleconference: Monday, April 1, 2019 at 6:00pm EST.

Registration closes five minutes before the event begins.

Thank you for joining the teleconference to facilitate Energy Clearing of our planet, following March Equinox and in advance of Easter.

Participation is on a by-donation basis.  The suggested minimum donation is $8.

Please enter your desired donation amount into the space below and click Add to Cart.  There is no tax on this item.

Once you complete the Checkout, you will immediately receive the link to the teleconference webpage.  There, you will find more information about the format of the event. Note that no experience with meditation, healing, or energy clearing is needed for your participation; the entire teleconference will be guided, and your intent is what matters the most.

This event will take place on Monday, April 1, 2019, at 6pm EST.  It will last 45 minutes.

Participation is via the teleconference website.  You may listen through your web browser, and we will open the Chat at the end so that everyone may share their experience.

See below for more details about this event, as well as why Energy Clearing is beneficial in regards to “Easter.”

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We first hosted a Global Energy Clearing Teleconference on New Year’s Eve 2019, to prevent some of the violence that accompanies that night. Not only did participants feel that they made a difference, but we all wanted to gather again in the same manner. We have since done several events–in support of Eclipse Season, March Equinox (2x), the flow of money worldwide, and in response to noteworthy negative events in early March 2019.

This current teleconference is intended to help clear from the world negative energies related to the influx of light on Equinox.  It is also intended to clear negative energies and associations related to “Easter.”  On the latter, some frequencies involve crucifixion, suffering, martyrdom, sacrifice, punishment, and Hell.  More broadly, the energies of the Catholic Church might this year be tainted with the numerous recent revelations of significant abuse through virtually all levels of that institution.

Much non-loving energy is circulating through our world right now.

Let’s use our benevolent intentions and skills to clear away that which is ready to now depart, making space for new and uplifting energy, and helping the collective population use loving energies easily and gently to their benefit.

Thank you kindly for your participation in this important event.

We are powerful beings. Let’s heal the world.

~ Jen Wozny
Founder of Put The Light Here (www.putthelighthere.com)


Jen Wozny, the host of this teleconference, is a Lightworker who works with our planet’s energies and helps to clear negative energy in advance of numerous annual events.  Read about her work prior to Equinox here.

Contributions to her ongoing efforts can be made here, and full sponsorship is welcome.

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