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The pain is not pulling us down; it’s helping us go even higher

I’ve been wanting to write something that’s uplifting and inspiring, rather than yet another post that’s focused on our need for healing.  And yet, what I see in the world continues to prompt posts that promote the benefits of healing–and the simple, powerful ways in which we can do it.

Indeed, it is precisely at this moment of our planet’s history that we humans are being asked–required, really–to deal with thousands of years of unhealed trauma.  Because, as Lightworker Sandra Walter has said, “We’re going on a trip for which we can’t take any baggage.”

Where we’re going is a fundamentally good place: We’re going higher.

We’re going to higher levels of human potential, self-fulfillment, connection with our hearts, and, yes, communication with the spirit world.  We are traveling to the higher turn of the spiral.  But the thing is–to get there, we really cannot take any baggage at all.

And so there is a tension right now: forces pulling us higher, and forces pulling us down.  Both are necessary (sort of), but it is not comfortable.  Much is rising to the surface.  Depths of pain that have not been acknowledged for a very long time.  Emotions and experiences that are not even ours, but which belong to our ancestors–whose DNA we carry and are therefore affected by.

It is a tumultuous time for humankind.  For a positive reason, though; do keep that in mind.

And each time we’re pulled downward, pulled into pain or doubt or other unpleasant frequencies of emotion, know this: You were not pulled here to stay there.  You were pulled there so that you could deal with this that is in your soul; and that when you do, you will be free to go even higher.

We are being shown where we are tethered to an emotional anchor.  We must go deep to grasp it, pull it to the surface, and heal it.

There is a positive purpose to the discomfort.  So, we can either allow it to do what it’s trying to do, or ignore it and know that we will just have to face it again.  That which is ours to do must indeed be done.  But not necessarily alone.

You have help.

As a Holistic Energy Healer and Life Coach, I would be happy and honored to assist you.  You’re welcome to arrange your free consultation or to book an appointment.

Are you interested in learning much more about what’s going on with the world, how to stay sane and healthy, and how to help?  I teach that in my 2-day course for souls in Service.

Wishing you healing,

~ Jen


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