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May peace prevail in our hearts

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There’s a lovely statement that is posted in locations throughout the world, as well as shared in messages on social media and elsewhere.  You may be familiar with it.  The statement says, “May peace prevail on Earth.”

It’s beautiful to see.  But let’s unpack what this statement really means.  Because to say “may it prevail” means that the goal is not here right now, that it exists somewhere in the future.  To continue using this type of statement means that we will never have “peace on Earth.”

And yet we do, actually, have peace on Earth.  Not peace in 100% of the Earth.  But peace in some of the Earth.

Is there not peace in your heart?  There is in mine.

On some pieces of Earth, peace indeed prevails.

So let’s go further into this idea of “peace on Earth” and what’s needed to have even more of it.


There are about two forces contributing to a lack of peace on Earth: one are the non-physical, mystical forces driving some of the most unpleasant behavior, which is an issue for the Lightworkers; the other is a lack of pure peace within each of our human hearts, which is something that we ourselves can absolutely fix.

On that idea, if every person—each of the seven billion—stopped everything they were doing and focused 24/7 on bringing their heart and soul to a state of pure peace, then how long would it take to reach the oft-stated goal of “peace on Earth”?

One year? Maybe two? A bit longer, perhaps, for the ones who have really far to go.

But by this time in 2020, we could evolve to a much kinder, loving, inwardly peaceful planet.

Imagine that.

Each of us has absolute control over 1 / 7 billionth of humankind.

That is power.

And so, “peace on Earth” means starting with that 1 piece of the whole.


How do you know where there is a lack of peace in your own heart?  Notice what triggers your emotions in a negative manner.  Every trigger is a piece of unhealed emotion.  Write down the trigger and resolve to heal it, using whatever modality is right for you.

As we heal each piece of our emotional wounds or soul-level traumas, we bring our own piece of the whole closer to true peace.

What’s a benefit of doing this?  Our inner peace can be felt by others.  We emit the vibrational frequency of “peace.”  Which others can benefit from.

How cool is that?



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