inner child, childlike wonder, playfulness, enlightenment

Playfulness is next to Godliness

In some interpretations, enlightenment is associated with a childlike nature. Laughter and good humor; a playful manner; wonder at all things; communion with nature and her plants and animals; a heart that is open, pure, and innocent; and a knowing that we are surrounded by magic, which we know is also ours to embrace.

The clearest example, to me, of this type of person is the Dalai Lama; the man is always jolly and playful, yet very serious and strong in his messages.

dalai lama, enlightenment, inner child, spirituality
His Holiness the Dalai Lama delivers strong messages to our world and its leaders, yet does so with compassion, good humor, and humility. Image source: Northwest Asian Weekly

It is important for us to maintain this childlike nature as much as we can: It keeps us in touch with who we really are.

Our body can age, our brains can mature, our responsibilities in life can grow, but may we never grow out of that childlike spirit from which we came.

As adults, we sometimes treat this part of us as being separate from ourselves, and we therefore call it our “inner” child. Whether your childlike spirit is tucked inside or fully expressed, may it always bring you joy.


Inner child, childlike wonder, spirituality, enlightenment


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