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Breath of Fire: Detox, oxygenate, and think clearly

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Here’s an easy way to cleanse your body, boost oxygen levels, and improve mental clarity: Breath of Fire.

It’s a breathing method used by Yogis.

cullan smith, breath of fire, yoga teacher, oxygenate, destress

Here’s how to do it:

– Sit comfortably.
– Stick out your tongue and pant like a dog (just for a moment!).
– Notice how you are forcing the breath out, and that as you do so, your belly button (specifically, the navel point) is pulling back towards your spine.
– Notice also that you are not deliberately inhaling; rather, the inhale is being automatically drawn in as the belly extends.
– Now close your mouth and continue breathing like this through your nose.
– Focus on forcing the breath out, as you quickly pull your navel towards your spine.
– Breathe at your own pace, either slow or fast.
– Continue for as long as it feels right.
– TO END: Inhale deeply and hold the breath in for 5 seconds, then exhale, resume normal breathing, and relax.
– It might feel nice to lay down (in Savasana) for a few minutes to allow your body to adjust to this new energy.

*Important Note for Females: Breath of Fire increases the heat and energy in the abdomen. Females who are pregnant or on their moon cycle already have much activity in this region, and are advised not to do Breath of Fire.


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