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Can a cell phone can become an addiction? For kids?

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The risk of developing an “addiction” to our phones is real. Constant use of phones rewires our brain to handle this high level of stimulation.  Then when we’re away from this stimuli for a length of time, we have difficulty–we need our fix, are no longer entertained by slower paces of life or even the natural world. At this point, control is in the hands of the phone.  Staring at a screen also affects our nervous system and more.  cell phone addiction

Best is to be aware that cell phone addiction can happen. Use it in balance with the rest of life. And if it ever feels like the line is being crossed then go on a phone / technology detox.

Genuinely. It’s a thing now: tech detoxes.  Just scan this Google search.

Kids are at higher risk than adults because their brains are still forming, and their neural wiring will be shaped much more quickly by phone/technology use than ours.

“Taking a child’s phone away is being compared to and associated with the same symptoms that occur from drug/alcohol/nicotine withdrawal. Today’s children are in the middle of massive human experiment… and no one knows where this will go.” Dr. John Douillard

On August 14, Dr John Douillard is hosting a free podcast to discuss this issue. As an Ayurvedic doctor, he brings a holistic perspective to this increasingly important subject. His talk will focus on kids, but it could be good listen for all.  It’s at 5:30pm Mountain Standard Time (7:30pm EST).

Access his podcast here: https://lifespa.com/episode-47-technology-kids/


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cell phone addiction

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