Energy by Email


Get distant energy healing done on yourself or on a property (such as your home, office, or car).
Simply tell us your needs, then the work will be performed and the findings will be sent to you in an email!
This is the perfect option if:
  – you would like help but are too busy to talk;
  – you are doing your inner work and just need some energetic help; or
  – a location needs a good clearing (as most of them do!).
Submit your payment and your permission, then leave the work to us!

Explain your needs in the space below, then click Add To Cart:

Or write it in our Contact form or in an email to LightSupport@PutTheLightHere.com.


As mentioned here, please remember to submit a detailed description of your needs and whether it is you or a location for which the work is intended.

Are you a real estate agent?  Trying to sell your home on your own?  Try getting an energy clearing on the property!

Important: Put The Light Here does not do energy work on other people when they have not given their clear consent to receive it.  Please do not order this option for another person; your money will be refunded.


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