Energy by Email



Get distant energy healing–without making an appointment.

This option is designed for people who genuinely cannot fit an appointment into their lives. Please note, though, that appointments are more effective. Jen therefore recommends that you choose that option first.

If you wish to proceed with Energy by Email, then tell Jen your needs, and she will perform the work and send you an email outlining what happened. The work will be done within 5 business days of your purchase. (Total: 1 hour of work)

Please note: There is no phone call or two-way discussion with this product. Once Jen sends your email, this is complete. Any reply that you send will not be responded to.

By purchasing this service you are directly consenting to receiving energy healing from Jen and directly consenting to all terms in the Consent Form.

Explain your needs in the space below, then click Add To Cart:

Or write it in our Contact form or in an email to LightSupport@PutTheLightHere.com.


Please remember to submit a detailed description of your needs when you purchase this product.  distant energy healing


Included in this product: 15 minutes of distant energy work plus a detailed email that describes Jen’s observations and any suggestions the might help you to integrate the work.  (Total work: 1 hour)

There is no phone call or two-way discussion with this product.  Once Jen sends your email, the work is complete.

distant energy healing

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