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Let us honor the transition periods

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Transition periods are important; the time between what is finishing now and what has yet to come.

Conscious, awake, aware people make habits of noticing these periods of our lives. Doing so helps bring completion to the outgoing situation, helps to create a pause in which we may take a breath to gather strength, and helps to ensure that our next action is deliberate, purposeful.

November is now at an end. December—the final month of the year 2017–is upon us. As we move from one to the next (indeed, into the important final month of the year), is there more purpose that you wish to bring to your life?

What did November offer you? What significant events or insights occurred? Are you done yet with November…or is there unfinished business? In the 31 days of December, what do you hope to accomplish? Not just career goals but personal goals.

If you pause in this moment of moving from one thing to the next, what do you notice? What message is there for you?


Would you like to make your next transition more conscious and mindful?  We did a Mini-Course to guide you through it; see it here.


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