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The Great Workers of Our Lifetime: Outcasts as the Changemakers

Matthew henry, outcasts, changemakers, pathpavers, wayshowers, earth guardians

Below is a post from my personal page on Facebook.  It is a passionate issue for me—supporting the changemakers, in real time.  Eventually, the words below will become a more fulsome article; but as I have no ETA for that, I post it unedited now.


Changemakers, pathpavers, wayshowers, outcasts, isolation

One thing I learned from this book is how we commonly shun people who are making positive change—as they are doing it. Yet we celebrate them years later, holding them as heroes even. And often, we only come to the realization of these peoples’ value to our world once they have left it. How sad.

Can you imagine the inner strength, conviction, and dedication to personal truth that is required to stand alone—in the face of ridicule, scorn, and condemnation?

Perhaps we can do more to support such changemakers while they are still alive; right now.

How many do we know of? Do they have our support? Can we redirect some resources to support them even more fully?

Or will they live this life in isolation, only to be acknowledged posthumously, when humanity finally catches up to them?

We have the power to change our world in this very moment, and in every single moment that follows.

#tesla #changemakers #masters


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    The Great Workers of Our Lifetime: Outcasts as the Changemakers
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