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Stop. (Don’t) look. (Just) listen. To your heart.

I spoke with a friend recently. She was coming out of a period of upset. She’s a significant healer, fellow wisdom teacher, and purely loving being. She’s here in our world for the purpose of helping us. She often works in the background, quietly removing unpleasant energies and sending waves of love, clarity, and harmony to anyone who seeks it. She wants to help even more. And I want her to. Many want her to.

Yet this is what brought her down several days ago: It was suggested that the handpainted picture of an angel that represents her work be somehow…photoshopped…because that angel is white. And that with the “current tensions” in North America, using “white” imagery might not be smart.

Here’s what wasn’t so right with that suggestion: Anyone who truly comprehends the wisdom teachings would never have even noticed that the angel had a color (which is why neither she, nor I, nor many others ever did).

To truly comprehend means knowing that our souls have no color. Nor do they have gender. Nor do they have age in the way that we know it. Our bodies do, sure; but our souls don’t.

So to know this means that we don’t relate to each other based on what we “see” with these temporary human eyes; we relate based on what we feel beneath the surface.

We relate heart to heart, soul to soul. On this level, there are no false divisions.

Yet on the surface of this world, there are indeed divisions. Many of them. And they are being perpetuated. Reinforced. Amplified.

There are those who want us, actively, to continue building these false walls of division. These inviduals benefit and profit very much when we turn on each other. Why should we let them win?

Let me divert for a moment to describe a basic structure of our brains and the purpose of the title:

Our five senses send information to the brain to be interpreted. The very first place that receives this data is the amygdala; in the split second before that data makes its way to the higher-order cognitive functions, the amygdala has already had a chance to respond.

Do you know what the amygdala is responsible for? Fight or flight. Emotional reaction. Hasty decisions.

If we allow this part of our brain to react for us, then the reactions risk being judgmental and/or wrong. We risk passing judgment on something or someone who doesn’t deserve it.

If you are familiar with the fact that the brain is a muscle, and that muscles grow with use, then you will know that the more we use our amygdalas, the bigger they will get, and the more naturally they will generate our first responses.

But here’s some good news: When we encounter something that might trigger an emotional response, then simply pausing for about five seconds can allow that new stimuli to arrive safely in the higher-order brain structures and help us to make better decisions.

That’s it. We just pause. Including when looking at angels. Because the surface isn’t ever the point.

So this is a suggestion:

Perhaps it would be worthwhile if we all now closed our eyes.

Then we paused.

Then we began to feel again.

And we let those walls dissolve.

Never were they real.


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