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Looking young but being wise

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By the end of the teacher training for Kundalini Yoga, there were classmates of mine who looked like different people. When they started five months prior, they were stressed, run down, wrinkled, low in energy, and not pleasant to be around. Yet now they had open hearts and easy smiles, the lines were smoothed, and the dismal energy had been replace by a glow. They looked not only different; they looked younger.


Because they had shed from their cells and their energy fields layers of that which held them low. Emotional baggage, blocks in their energy channels (meridians), toxins in the body, confusion in the mind. Gone.

It is these things that make us age and look old.

The good news is thay they can be released at any time. Shed the baggage and the low energies. Free the cells of the distortion. Fill the body with higher energies and watch what happens. We halt and even reverse part of the aging process.

I’m saying all of this for a personal reason: I was born in 1980. I am 37 years old. I hold a Masters degree and have already completed a career with the federal government, as well as four years of training for my new career. I’ve had a marriage and a family. I’ve built a custom house and planted a garden. I’ve lost everything I had and rebuilt again. I’ve climbed the mountain (or in my experience “crossed the battlefield”) of consciousness and now assist others. Yet I’ve been told, “But you look so young!”

Yeah. I do.

I worked my karma off to look this young.

I live a clean and pure lifestyle to look this young. I’ve received hours upon hours upon hours of high-level energy work to look this young. I earned the fact that I look this young.

If anything, the fact that at 37 I look this young is one of my credentials. It shows that I embody my talk.

But if you think I look young now, then you should have seen me at 25 when I was living in Arlington, Virginia, and teaching a graduate-level intelligence course to senior analysts from the Department of Homeland Security. Then I looked young. But I was no less credentialed for that venture as I am for this new one.

Let’s feel past the surface as we interact with people. Let’s be not fooled by what we see (good or bad) with our physical eyes. Let’s encounter each other heart to heart.

We’ll know it when we feel it.

Here’s a general guideline: The body is several decades old but the soul that inhabits it has been around for eons. So the only thing that matters is this: At any given time, how much of that soul is being brought forth?


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    Looking young but being wise
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