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Global Wellness Day: What fills your soul?

bell rock, bell rock sedona, bell rock sunrise, tuctu woke me up

Happy Global Wellness Day.

What does “wellness” mean to you? How do you practice it, and bring it into your daily life?

For me, it used to be something I traveled to get. I would visit Sedona, Arizona, and treat myself to Ayurvedic massages, tarot card readings, and hikes in my favorite red rocks.

Then I realized that my home itself needed to support my wellness. I painted my meditation room a soft lavender color; arranged my bookcase to be filled with beautiful crystals, oils, and books, and kept my space tidy and spa-like.

But eventually I needed to go deeper in order to be “well.” That took me deeper into myself, specifically.

It was through introspection, deep meditations, and surrendering to my inner self that I began to *feel* well.

And the more that I felt that wellbeing, the more of it I wanted. Then everything else fell away in terms of priority, and I pursued this inner sense of peace and wholeness as my focus.

This is what led me to do the healing I do today: soul-level healing, that includes past lives, ancestry, and the parts of myself that are far out in the Cosmos.

It was when these deeper parts were brought back into wholeness that everything came together. The trips to sacred sites, the crystals, the atmosphere of my home, and the way I eat and view the world.

This is, in my view, the deep holistic approach to wellness.

As a photo accompanying Global Wellness Day, I decided to share one of my personal favorites: In 2013, I travelled to Sedona once again, stayed in my favorite little motel in Oak Creek, awoke before sunrise, and hiked up Bell Rock—which has always called to me and felt like a part of me.

bell rock, bell rock sedona, bell rock sunrise, tuctu woke me up, global wellness day

This photo was taken in the early morning when all was quiet and I was alone on this sacred rock.

The experience filled my soul.

So, on Global Wellness Day, I wish that all our souls are filled with peace, wholeness, and healing. May we all experience deep fulfillment and happiness.

~ Jen


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