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Right versus wrong use of power

In some mystery teachings, students were required to open their hearts and shed their egos before they were permitted to have occult powers. This system ensured that, when the individual did gain special abilities, these would be used rightly—for the right reasons, at the right times, and only when necessary.

In our current world, however, we find many examples of people who have power and use it wrongly—such as to control others. This is sometimes referred to as “power over” [others]. It can be seen not only in the “wealthy elite” but also in parents, teachers, governments, the security apparatus, and very simply pet owners (think about it). To some degree, we all do it; it can be hard not to do it.

We must flip that situation to the greatest extent possible, in my opinion. We must cultivate a universal system where we give power when it has been earned, so that we have a greater chance that it will be used rightly and for the benefit of all.

Just a thought.


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