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Empaths: Major earthquake activity is occurring, FYI

This information has been copied from our Facebook post from the morning of August 19, 2018.


Gentle FYI to Empaths: Major earthquakes have occurred since Saturday afternoon (August 18).


Two areas are noteworthy:

1. FIJI: First, there have been a large number of quakes that have a high magnitude (up to 8.2). Second, all of these quakes have been DEEP—500 kms to 750kms deep, which is where the magma layer apparently is.

For context, most earthquakes occur at the surface—0kms to 15kms, often. Deep quakes do happen—but we see only a handful per day over the entire planet. Fiji alone has had about 20 in 14 hours; I have never seen that before (in three years of monitoring).

As well, a “deep” quake typically leads to more quakes, and they will likely be a) closer to the surface and b) an even-larger magnitude. So an 8.2 quake at 563kms deep means…


2. INDONESIA: The significance with the recent quakes here is that many of them were marked as being “felt.” Our planet has possibly hundreds of quakes each day; most are not felt by humans. So a “felt” quake is meaningful. Indonesia has had numerous “felt” quakes since Saturday. Some have been slightly damaging (per reports).



Earthquakes not only disrupt the planet through the ground, but also send shockwaves through the planet’s energy field (as has often showed, via their measuring instruments).

A human being is itself a measuring instrument. Sensitives—such as empaths, kids, and animals—can feel disruptions.

If you’ve been feeling tired, irritable, stomach upset, woozy, or other effects not related to your own life, then this might be why.

The body will tell us what it needs.


Healers & Meditators: We can help stabilize the energies.


Earthquake updates and context is available daily from Dutchsinse.

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