Let’s talk about food

It’s funny: Several times, people have asked me in disbelief, “YOU eat PIZZA?” And my response is, “Umm, yes. Of course. It’s pizza!”

I guess it’s the fact that my life is so healthy, clean, and aware. Plus, I am “spiritual.”

And there’s a misconception that “being spiritual” means you need to give up life’s pleasures–including yummy food.

So let’s talk about food. On the next Wednesday call. This will be a two-part series, because the idea and use of food and its effects on the body, emotions, and growth potential has so many offshoots.

I invite you to Part 1 on August 9, and also invite you to submit your questions that I’ll do my best to answer based on my credentials and intuitive abilities. Oh: We’ll also do high-level energy work to clear away any issues or habits or energies that are interfering with your highest relationship with this source of fuel and joy.


Added August 9:

This Mini-Course is entitled “Food: A higher perspective on the basics of food (Part 1).”


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