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Peace, Part 2

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I guess this is Part 2 of my earlier post about Peace.  I never intended to continue the discussion.  But recent events in the United States have many people unsettled about The State of Humanity.  peace on earth

We exist on a planet of many competing forces: dark v light; fear v love; hate v compassion; aggression v non-violence.

Earth is simply a place where all of these forces will exist well into our future.  And that’s okay.  What matters is: Which do you embody, in a given moment?  From which energy do you react?  And to which energies do you give power?

Let’s start here:

A lot of people claim to be “spiritual.”  They study the books, take the courses, spout the words.  That isn’t spirituality.  Your participation in a class does not make you spiritual.  Your credentials as a practitioner of this or that modality do not make you spiritual.  The number of clients or followers that you have is in no way an indication of your spiritual self.  Nope.  No.  No.

The teachings were never meant to be recited.

The teachings were only ever meant to be embodied.


The only thing that should matter to you or any human who wishes to be “on a spiritual path” or on any path of growth and healing is this: How are you doing inside?  peace on earth

There is no external indicator of enlightenment.  It doesn’t come from wearing mala beads.  Or drinking green juice.  Or wearing organic cotton.  What those things are are external tools to assist us in getting to the end goal.  Mala helps us clear the subconscious and also get calm.  Green juice nourishes the body and cells, making us healthy from the inside out.  Organic cotton enhances rather than harms our energy fields.

Want to know a secret?  Some of our planet’s most spiritual people don’t even know they are spiritual.  Because they just live naturally in a way that reflects the teachings.

You will know them because they are kind, they are patient, they are present with you and with all of their life, they know who they are and who they are not, they have an inner strength, they uplift others around them.

That is spirituality, embodied.  No tie-dye necessary.

So let’s come back to inner peace and recent events.  What we had were two things.  1. People filled with hate protesting (in support of hatred).  2. People filled with hate protesting (in support of tolerance).

As mentioned above, Earth is just a place where we’re going to have hate.  (Or, at its base energetic level, the promotion of fear.)  So we can’t necessarily hope to eradicate this energy 100%, ever.  Which means we must find a way to co-exist with it.  (And we can reserve the right to not like it!)

So there are hateful protests in the street.  What do we do?  What can we even do?  Several things.

Step 1: We go inside of our own self to see how we’re doing.  What percentage of our own self contains hate?  If we find anything greater than 0% hate then we have a responsibility to deal with it before going further.  We are hypocritical to go further without dealing with it.  We cannot judge that which we are, too.

Step 2: Go into your heart and feel compassion.  Why?  Because compassion allows us to see clearly, to feel the truth of a situation, to regard others as coming (at least potentially) from a place of suffering.  Have you ever had a moment of suffering?  If so, then in that moment what did you need from someone: compassion or anger?  Probably, compassion.  Because you were suffering.  Anger from someone would have only caused you to lash out.

Step 3: See clearly and think clearly about the situation.  Why is each protestor protesting?  What is their motivation?  What is “really” going on here?  What is the root cause of the issue?  Only when we know the root cause can we respond appropriately.  Doctors know that.  We should, too.

Step 4: Remember your quantum physics studies: What we give attention to, amplifies.  What we ignore, dies.  Thus, do not react.  (Schoolyard bullies tell us that, too.)  Be not provoked.  Imagine how recent events would have turned out if there was zero media coverage.  Zero photos taken.  Zero tweets and videos and social media posts.  If no one from the opposing sides gave any energetic or emotional investment.  Imagine what would have happened.  What?  People would have carried on with their day as normal.  And the protestors would have fallen flat.  Maybe after doing some damage to physical property, and scattering unpleasant energies around the land, sure.  But not much else.  No one would have paid attention.  Their hate-filled efforts would have died.

Violence only escalates when the opposing side joins the fight.

There are parts of the scientific community that say that we live in a holographic universe.  That each person is a replica of the whole.  That you are a part of the collective.  Extrapolating from this, to bring peace within your piece of the whole means that you have brought peace to one part of the whole.

So cultivate peace within you, and then hold steady there.  I will do the same.  And eventually, we will have a collective of peaceful beings, holding steady on planet Earth.  peace on earth

How cool is that?


Added August 16, 2017:

Peace versus Hate: Cultivate inner peace and broadcast it to all mankind.  Energy healing for you and our world.


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peace on earth

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