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February News: Healing relationship wounds

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Happy February!  How are you doing?


Relationship Healings: February of course brings with it the holiday of Valentine’s Day.  I think many of us have mixed feelings about this celebration.  I myself love the pink colors and the hearts, and of course fresh flowers; but there is an artificial energy to the day, plus a whole lot of stress on couples and singles, that is not always cause to celebrate.

However you feel about Valentine’s Day, the idea of relationships is nonetheless in our awareness this month, so here’s an energetic perspective on relationships to consider:

When we engage in a relationship with another person—be it platonic or romantic—something important happens in the energy world: our energies mix together.

And they don’t just mix; they move back and forth between us.

During relationships, we give our precious energy to other people–willingly.  We also lose our energy to the person, sometimes because that person has deliberately taken it from us.  (Think of “energy vampires,” for example: Those people who leave us feeling drained every time we interact with them.  Guess what?  They literally have taken some of our soul’s energy, leaving us a little weaker each time.)

It is always in our best interest to return to wholeness.  We can do this at any time, including while we’re still actively involved with other people.

But especially when a relationship ends, we need to understand that that relationship is not complete until we have dealt with the energies involved.

Specifically, we need to give back what’s not ours, and reclaim what is.

We can do this in several ways: by removing the energetic cords that have been connecting us to that other person; and by doing soul retrieval.

As well, we need to heal any wounding that we experienced in that relationship.  Until we do, we carry those wounds with us everywhere, and into potentially every interaction we have with other people.

When I work with clients who seek help with their relationships, I often recover tons of their soul’s energy from the other person.  When this happens, I see the client get stronger, bigger, and brighter.  The quality of their energy changes, too; I notice them becoming empowered.  They have less tolerance for being treated poorly, and have an easier time saying “no” when needed.

As well, my clients and I often visit past lives in order to fully heal the relationship wound.  If we haven’t gone to the true cause of the issue, then we haven’t truly healed it, so past life healing almost always happens.

And at the end of the session, I usually notice that the client is happier, feeling more free, and having a stronger sense of self worth.

If Valentine’s Day brings up anything for you, or if you’re an empath and you are feeling sensitive to the larger energies, then consider having a healing appointment.

Reclaim your wholeness. Be stronger.  Have clearer boundaries.  Clear away what’s not you.  Be empowered to live your fullest and most loving life.

Your relationships, including your relationship with yourself, will be better for it.


Unused Appointments: When you purchase an appointment, it is valid for one year from the date of purchase.  If you haven’t used your appointment yet, I invite you to do so before it expires.  (Appointments can also be gifted to someone else.)  Email me for the most current link to my schedule.


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If I can assist you this month with healing, coaching, or guidance this month, then appointments can be made here.

I wish you much beauty this month,

~ Jen Wozny
   BA, MSc, Founder



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Celestial Influences: February 2022

1: New Moon
4: Mercury Retrograde ends
16: Full Moon



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