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Tips for a Healthy Immune System

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As we think about keeping ourselves healthy, remember that health and healing is a two-step process: healthy immune system

Step 1 is, “remove what doesn’t belong.”

Step 2 is, “add more of what does.”


So, if we wish to strengthen our immune system, then start by answering this question: What is getting in the way of me having the strongest possible immune system?  Make a list.  Once you have it, then begin to remove some of those things from your life.

  • Examples include: processed food; alcohol; negative thoughts; bad habits; toxins in the body; things or people that bring you down; stress–which compromises our entire health; and too much stimulation.

Next, answer this question: What things can I add to my life, that will strengthen my immune system?  Make a list.  Then, begin to add some of those things.

  • Examples include: natural food; vitamins and supplements; probiotics; quiet time; exercise or walking; cleanses; healthy thoughts; a daily practice of meditation; cleanliness; and increased intake of pure water.

Energy healing can of course help with both steps: It removes energies and toxins that inhibit the immune system, it makes space for healthier energies to reside in your physical and energy bodies, and it brings clean, healthy energy into you.

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healthy immune system

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