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Energy Update: March 19, 2020

This energy update will cover this past week’s energies, and an overall energy update with suggestions for moving forward.


The Past Week

The past five days have been so intense.  The planet’s energy field is swirling with energies, more so than usual, and it is exhausting.

On Monday, battles were happening in the astral plane and higher realms.  It wasn’t just one opponent against another—it was an all-out fight between numerous different energies.

On Tuesday, the energy field was so heavy and exhausting; it was taking almost all of our energy just to hold the fields stable.

On Wednesday, a lot of us were feeling sick, our joints were aching, we had severe headaches, and the fatigue was still present.  We are also noticing that the collective energy field is so clogged that our bodies, too, are clogged and congested.  At these times, it can be useful to minimize the amount of stimulation we expose ourselves to, eat lightly, move as much as possible, and drink warm water.  Our energy bodies are so busy, and our physical bodies are struggling to keep up.

Today (Thursday), the Darkness still hangs over us, and slinks through the energy around us.

Today is also the Equinox—a day when we tend to receive a large influx of “light.”  I do expect this to arrive, but I will also note that influxes of light disrupt the status quo when they get here, and they also stir up the darkness.  Over the next several days, we might find that even more negative energies rise to the surface of our consciousness, because the light has pushed them upwards.  If this happens, then deal with that negativity—clear it away and heal it; this will allow the new light to have room in your energy body to integrate.


The Rest of March & Beyond

A lot of astrologers and channelers are saying that the rest of this month will bring major events, even “shocking” ones.  I can’t speak to that, as I work with different levels.  What I can say is this:

We knew this was coming—we’ve been told for thousands of years that, as of 2012, the planet would undergo a massive transformation.  The transformation would be fundamentally positive; but the amount of change that needs to occur would be difficult.  So, this is not a surprise.  The “surprise” is simply the “how”—how exactly will this play out?

In 2018, we saw a lot of Dark Occult practices being exposed; the efforts that were previously kept hidden from us, came to the surface and were blatantly obvious.

In 2019, the environment died.  It became blatantly obvious that we have killed our planet, saturated it with toxins, congested it with garbage, and destroyed it with war.

In 2020, we are dying.  We are dying in two ways:

First is that some of us are truly leaving our lives on this planet; souls are departing, either for health reasons or by some other means.  This is not always a positive thing—some of these souls were not meant to leave.

The second way that we’re dying is that our old selves are dying—our lower-vibrational realities, and who we were in those realities, are dying.  This is a positive thing, as it means we are better able to live in the higher-vibrational realities.

All of it, though, is difficult.  There is deep grieving going on.  There are casualties.

Know that this is a time of major course correction: We are forced to stop “life as usual” and really examine our lives, habits, beliefs, and futures.

It feels a lot like Source has sent us to our rooms, and told us to think about what we’ve done.

The challenges are not over; probably, they have only gotten started.  It feels as if something big is coming—and soon; within the next several days and weeks.  It might get very uncomfortable; the better we can adjust to living with discomfort, the easier it can be to get through it.


Strategies for Moving Forward

There are two levels of our reality to pay attention to:

The first is the spiritual level.  This is an excellent time to have a close relationship with your Higher Self / soul, and with Source.  Have a conversation with them each day; ask them to guide you.  They have a higher perspective on what’s happening, and they can see farther into the future than we can.  They can tell us what to do, where to go (or when to stay home), and how to navigate this time as smoothly as possible.

The second level of reality is, of course, our physical level.  Take care of your physical self.  Nourish the body with healthy food, clean water, and daily exercise.  Take care of the mind, with mindfulness or meditation practices.  Gather your supplies and make sure you have all that you need in case of a quarantine or emergency.  Preparedness offers comfort: It allows us to relax when there is no emergency, and to respond—quickly and easily—if there is one.

Remember that triggers are an indication that there is a wound somewhere within us.  Take this opportunity to heal.


If I can assist you, please feel welcome to connect with me: I offer a range of services at various price points, and all of them online / by phone.

I offer free consultations so that we can chat about what you need and whether I’m the best person to help you at this time.

The weekly healing call is only $15 and occurs every Wednesday evening (with the replay available until Saturday nights).

I have one-hour mini-courses that share information about a variety of spiritual and healing topics (each one includes a guided meditation).

I have a free 5-minute guided meditation for happiness, which you’ll receive if you subscribe to my newsletter. Subscribers also receive a gift of energy each month.

And I’m available five days a week for dedicated, one-on-one healing appointments.


That this is not life as usual.  We are in unprecedented times.

The planet is desperately trying to change; to break free from cycles of destruction.  Human consciousness is trying to do the same.

The trajectory is therefore positive, even though the path itself might be challenging.  But we knew this was going to happen, so we have prepared for it.

Stay in the heart as much as possible.  And reach out for help and comfort as needed.

~ Jen

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