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Compassion vs. “Poking and Provoking”: Aggression derives from wounding, and wounds need to be healed

At the root of every aggression is the same fundamental thing: An unhealed wound.

A wound is the root of every aggressive energy, thought, and act.


Therefore, every aggressive energy, thought, and act needs the same single treatment: Healing.

With healing needs to come understanding, compassion, and love.

Here’s an example:

In February 2019, I was doing work with someone else to remove the energy of “evil” from planet Earth. We came up against a massive, seemingly endless cloud of hatred, and it had such a strong presence that we were not sure how to remove it. But recalling the idea that hatred is born of wounding, I was inspired to search for the root cause of this energy—and in doing so, I discovered a cosmic-level wound.

Out in the Cosmos, beyond this Universe, was a very large and very old wound. It had never been healed. And so out of it grew all of the energies of pain. Including the cloud of hatred that was affecting this planet.

Over the course of several sessions, myself and my colleague brought healing to this cosmic wound. And brought peace to the hatred, which was now neutralized.

Sometimes, when faced with negativity, our response needs to be compassionate and therefore healing.

That said, sometimes our response needs to be different.

Sometimes, healing will only happen when the perpetrator is required to see clearly who they are and what they have done. And sometimes, people will only do that when they have been called out on their behavior—including publicly, if that is what it will take.

To call someone out in this manner is one form of “psychic shock.” And a shock—a “punch in the gut”—is the only thing that will cut through some personalities and reveal to the person what they have done. That is the only thing that will wake up some people: “poke and provoke.”

But as Yogi Bhajan always said, there are three elements involved: Poke. Provoke. And elevate.

The third element, elevate, is the compassionate purpose of the poking: The intent to bring about healing.

Because this is also true: All that is hidden must come to the surface in order to be healed. We must see it, face it, and deal with it.

But with some people, they resist this so much that a poke is necessary.

Our entire planet right now is undergoing a process of awakening, acknowledging, and healing. No single person is exempt. If we want to collectively save this dying Earth, then we must each do our part. Now. Before it is too late.

Compassion can be the greatest energy to embody. But a compassionate punch in the gut can be the appropriate tool in select cases.


ADDED in response to a question: “Why do some people deliberately harm others?”

You raise a good issue here.

My answer is that something in them, or something working through them, needs healing.

The root cause of someone’s aggression is actually a complex subject.

It involves (for example) things that happened trillions of years ago, things from other universes, and things that do not actually belong to the person who is acting aggressively.

So it is true, in my experience, that the root cause of aggression is wounding.

But the root cause of that wound can be a foreign energy from a different part of the multiverse.

And effective healing requires the right diagnosis.

In my job, I work with “the energy from the other universe.” In healing that entire energy, it helps to heal everyone on Earth and beyond who is affected by it.



Thank you for supporting my work.

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