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Energy Update (video): April-July 2019 and ongoing

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Do you remember what the energy was like in July 2018?  Nightmares, deep emotions, and significant growth characterized that period.  Then, in September, we had a window of departure.  October through December were okay—we had a bit of a break. lightwarrior

But things were Dark and heavy again in January, February, and early March 2019, and in March we had another window of departure.

Early April was okay…not too bad. But Easter Weekend changed everything.

This is what has happened since then, how it feels now, and what to expect going forward.

NOTE: The audio is about one second out of sync with the video. I apologize and don’t know how to fix it. After a few minutes, you sort of get used to it. Or just listen to audio only.

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Further reading:
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