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A more fulsome spectrum of Energy

As an Energy Healer, I consider it to be imperative to see the fullest possible picture of reality. It is imperative, then, not only to see the “love and light” but also the “dark and evil.” Only then can I be of service to others. Only then can I make sure that my own inner work is complete; that I have not ignored an entire cache of dark energies, entities, magic, and more within or affecting my soul.

People often have trouble comprehending one half of the chart below, yet completely subscribe to the other half.

Can YOU see the full picture?

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Is there a side or an area of the chart that you prefer to ignore? If so, then perhaps examine your reaction.

When we allow all sides of an issue to fill our awareness, and even to shift things around in our consciousness, then we expand that consciousness and see more clearly the world around us. Equally important, though: We also take more control of our lives.

Just a thought.

And if you, too, are an energy worker or spiritual teacher, then perhaps study or even add to the chart.

This was a quick sketch just to help make a point about how energy is used, so I have not included all possible ideas. What is missing?


For teachings on the healing power of sound, as well as a guided meditation with energy healing featuring the energies of the Sounds of the Cosmos, please see here.


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