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If you are interested in joining the next session of this course, please contact Jen.

Would you like to do energy healing?  Or, would you like to enhance your healing abilities?

Then this course is for you.

Over six months, we will work on distant energy healing projects, discuss our impressions, and receive feedback and tips from Jen.  You will also pick a different healing project each month and work on it as homework.

More details about this course are below.

It is open worldwide and occurs online.  We will meet on the first Tuesday of each month, from August 2019 through January 2020.  The calls will be recorded, so if you miss one then you can listen to it later.

Experience: No prior healing experience is required.  However, it will be useful if you have done some forms of meditation and have a basic familiarity with energy healing (e.g., Reiki, Shamanism, Qi Gong).

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This course begins on Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

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Everyone has the ability to do energy healing; that is, to work with the energy of themselves, another person, an animal, or a location, in order to increase its health.  This is a natural human gift. online course healing

If you would like to discover, cultivate, or even enhance your own healing gifts then this course is for you.

Led by Jen Wozny, who regularly works with the energy of planet Earth and beyond, you will have a huge umbrella under which to learn and grow.

Learn more about “energy healing” and how Jen does it.

Read what clients and students are saying about Jen and Put The Light Here.



We will meet online for a teleconference call once per month, and then you will do weekly homework of your choosing.  Calls will last 90 minutes, from 7pm to 8:30pm EST, on the first Tuesday of the month.  The calls will be recorded, so if you cannot make it to a live call then you can listen later.

On the first call, you will identify your main goal for the six months; that is, what you would like to be able to do by our final call.

On each call, we will:

– identify a subject on which to practice energy healing, and Jen will lead a guided meditation that allows you to tap into your skills and facilitate healing on that subject;

– discuss your experiences with that healing, and Jen will provide feedback and tips;

– choose a project to work on as homework for the month; and

– discuss the results of our previous month’s homework assignment, and examine any challenges that might have arisen.

A private Facebook group will also be created for this course.  This allows you to share experiences, ideas, and challenges throughout the duration of the course, and to get to know your fellow healers even better.

Gather with other like-hearted souls worldwide, and bring forth your natural abilities.


Schedule for 2019:

Call #1: Tuesday, August 6  (Teaching Focus: Receiving Clear Messages. Meditation Focus: Receiving Messages.)

Call #2: Tuesday, September 3 (Teaching Focus: Interpreting Psychic Impressions, Part 1; Working with Energy to Facilitate Healing. Meditation Focus: Healing Yourself.)

Call #3: Tuesday, October 1 (Teaching Focus: Ethics, Consent, and Horror Stories. Meditation Focus: Healing Yourself.)

Call #4: Tuesday, November 5 (Teaching Focus: Simple versus Complex Issues in Healing; Working Safely with Dark Energy for the Purpose of Clearing It. Meditation Focus: Healing Yourself.)

Call #5: Tuesday, December 3 (Teaching Focus: Group Chooses; Healing Locations. Meditation Focus: Healing a Location.)

Call #6: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 (Teaching Focus: Creativity; Interpreting Psychic Impressions, Part 2; Success Stories. Meditation Focus: Group Chooses.)


Who Can Join?

Everyone.  Whoever and wherever you are, you have what it takes to use energy for the sake of healing.  No prior experience is needed, as this course will guide you into your own soul and the wisdom that already is there.  It is a benefit, however, to have some experience with meditating or giving or receiving energy healing (such as Reiki, Shamanism, Qi Gong, Sat Nam Rasayan, etc.).

Certificate of Completion (optional)

You have the option to pursue a Certificate of Completion for this course, at no extra cost. If you would like to indeed receive a certificate in the mail, then you will need to complete the monthly homework for this track, and submit it by email to Jen. The homework consists of doing, and recording your observations for, four separate meditations related to the monthly focus, as well as any additional work related to the monthly teaching focus. This work can be completed at any time, but must be submitted to Jen within six months of the end of the course. The homework sheets can be downloaded each month from the teleconference website.


Terms and Conditions:

All calls are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Your Right to Privacy: We value your right to privacy, and will not share your name and personal details with the rest of the group without your express consent to do so.  All of our work is trauma sensitive.

Emails: When you register, you will be added to an email list specific to this course, in order to communicate important updates or notices–should they arise.  You may unsubscribe from the list at any time.

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