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Energy Update: Light comes in; Dark comes up

Disclaimer: This is an energy update for Lightworkers or anyone interested in the transformation of our planet; it is not a regular blog post.  light dark dynamic

Energy Update: December 16, 2017

Today, we received an influx of high-vibrational energy.  It occurred between 2pm and 4pm EST, and corresponded exactly with the intensified readings in this chart (which some have described as measuring plasma):

lightworker, ascension, light vs dark, lightwarrior

During the influx, I was pulled out of my body for almost an hour and a half; I don’t take naps–I only leave the body midday if I’m needed to do work or if my body is being used to anchor Light.  Today, it might have been a bit of both.

You may have experienced this recent influx if you felt sleepy, noticed that your pituitary gland / Third Eye felt heavy, perhaps felt extra loving or peaceful, or encountered any other unusual–but not worrisome–symptoms.

So, Light came in.

Which is the good news.

What happens after new light arrives, however, is that the existing Dark gets stirred up.  It comes to the surface, causes havoc, intensifies existing chaos, and actively fights back.  And all of this, too, can be felt by us.  light dark dynamic

I began to notice the Dark, negative backlash about an hour after I awoke from this non-nap.  Security is one of the roles I play as a Lightworker, so it is part of my job to notice such things.

According to one Lightworker website, the situation in their Area of Operations just went to Black Alert; this is the highest alert level–higher than Red Alert.

The promising note is that when things rise to the surface–when things reveal themselves–they can be dealt with.  They do cause more mess than when we can deal with them quietly in the background…but at least we can all see the negative things now and can first, acknowledge that they exist and, second, give permission for them to be removed.  I say “we” as a human collective; all of us need to give our permission.

This type of Dark v Light situation is not new–we have been fighting such battles continuously for many years.  Sometimes the average person feels it; most times they don’t.  It is multidimensional; it doesn’t often reach the physical aspect of our planet.  Except when we’re nearing the end of the war: The physical level is the final level of manifestation.

The chaos we see in our world today began in the energetic realms years ago.  Finally, it is manifesting here.

This also means that the peace we created in the energetic realms years ago is also, now, manifesting here.

Two Dynamics of December

So there’s an ongoing war in the higher realms that has recently reached the physical plane.  The war is nearing its end (I hope and believe).  But there are two dynamics at play right now–in December 2017–to be on watch for.

First is Solstice, on December 21.  This is an energetic event.  It occurs when our planet’s axis is positioned relative to the Sun in such a way that we have the maximum amount of imbalance between sunlight and darkness.  That moment of maximum imbalance, on its own, is a significant energetic event.  However, this balancing act is also used to unlock higher-realm energies that can now enter our planet.  There is a days-long gateway period in the lead-up to December 21.  It has already begun, to include today’s dose, and will continue.  Much Light will be coming to us.  So if you are willing, then allow it into yourself and your life.  But keep in mind that new Light will always stir up existing Dark.  And Light needs room to be able to integrate into you and the planet, so it is important to do the inner work necessary to have that room to welcome the Light permanently.

The second dynamic is Christmas and the various other holiday traditions being now celebrated.  One established tactic of battle is to occupy people’s attentions in one direction, and carry out an attack or act in a different direction.  No one will notice, since they were not looking.  They were distracted.  light dark dynamic

Is not Christmas (or Hannukah, or your own tradition) a massive distraction this month? Where will your attention be on December 25th?

The Dark often attempts nefarious actions at such times when a majority of the populace is distracted.

This is why I often share the guidance, “Scan 360.”  If you feel your attention being pulled in one direction, then pause and scan your environment in a full 360 degree rotation, including a spherical rotation so that you also scan vertically.  Check to see if there is something else happening in the places where you were originally not looking.

In 2015, on the morning of December 24, the Dark indeed were about to attempt an attack.  Much of the world was focused on last-minute shopping, wrapping, food prep, or traveling to their loved ones’ location.  Yet for me, as a full-time Lightworker, my Team showed me signs that confirmed what I was feeling inwardly: the Dark was about to attempt something that would cross a line that could not, by Cosmic Law or by Gaia’s agreement, be crossed.

lightworker, lightwarrior, light warrior, ascension

Multiple signs, including this multicolored sky, said that a Dark line was about to be crossed; the perpetrators were escorted away instead. December 24, 2015.

They had no permission for this particular attack.  So I tuned in and went to work.  And some Dark beings were escorted off of this planet.  The attack did not occur.

Calling all Lightworkers

Especially at times when the masses are increasingly distracted, a certain cadre of Lightworkers are on duty.  We don’t really celebrate holidays.  We just get a day of vacation when the period is over.

If you feel pulled to do so, then we could use your help.  Any amount of meditation or pure intention helps.  As does all of the work that each person does to purify and elevate their own self; that is Step One.

The work for the full-timers is exhausting down to the level of our souls.  And the Light does not win every battle; we do suffer casualties, both colleagues who are in physical form as well as those in the higher, non-physical realms.  I and others have felt many times when we lost some of our team members.  The pain is excruciating.  The grief is deep.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask.

Either way, please be safe, consider scanning 360, and have a wonderful, light-filled season.  There is indeed much Light here for you.


Interested in using Solstice energies to give yourself a boost?  This call features a meditation that uses high-powered energies to do just that.

Interested in learning more about Energetic Security, and even following a guided meditation to clear yourself of anything that’s not welcome in your field and life?  This call is for you.


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