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Collaborate. Or celebrate. But do not compete.

We are all one race on this small planet we call Home. There cannot be just one victor, one winner; nor a small handful of winners.

We each must win, at our own life. We each must understand that if those around us aren’t winning, then it is hard to celebrate.

We each must find difficulty winning at the expense of others.

Indeed, we are approaching this point: The time in our history when we know (truly know within our deepest selves) that we are all connected and on the same team.

We will know the pain caused to another person when we cheat them or lie to them, when we act in a manner that is self-serving, selfish. Destructive.

It will hurt our hearts to act this way.

We will prefer to go upwards together; in collaboration with those around us.

We will acknowledge the strengths in this approach. We will value—we will even seek out—the win-win situations.

And when it is not right for us to collaborate with another person, then we will Celebrate them. We will cheer their successes. We will acknowledge what it took them to get there.

We will not feel threatened by their accomplishments. So secure will we be in our own selves. So compassionate will we be in how we regard others.

No longer may we view business and related endeavors as a competition. That is an outdated paradigm. And we have already begun living in the New one.

Sat Nam.

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