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I am a Lightworker. No more closet.

It’s hardly a secret to anyone who knows me and has been around me in the last 4-5 years.  It is hard to miss.  The wavering energy levels.  The talk about solar weather and earthquakes.  The funny diet.  The constant disruption in my personal life.  The seemingly total lack of control over my life as a whole.  The talk of “spirit” and “the higher realms.”

I’m a Lightworker.

The soul who actually works for the Light.  Does work.  For the Light.  Work work.  Hard work.

The “we need you to get up and go to work” when you’re still beaten up from the last assignment kind of work.

The “please drive five hours through the desert and spend a night on the north rim of the Grand Canyon even though you can’t actually afford the hotel room or gas but we need you there anyway” kind of work.

The “it is right and so I must do it” kind of work.


I’m a Lightworker.

And I’ve been fighting for my life because of it.

Because, fundamentally, this planet is not the purest of light; it is, for the moment, based on darkness.  It is run largely by the darkness.  The darkness writes the majority of our paycheques.  And if you are not just Light but working for the Light to rebalance the amount of darkness, then that darkness does not want you here, and will make your life extremely difficult.  In hopes, often, that you will either stop working or check out completely.

I have done neither.  It’s just not what I do–give up; although I have been so tempted…many times.

But, for as long as I am here in this life, I will work and fight for the Light.  For the opportunity of every soul to know freedom.  For the ability of every soul to discover its own self.  For the purpose of alleviating unnecessary suffering.  For the purpose of holding back those who would control and oppress.

And until the Light-Dark balance is more tolerable, I imagine it will continue to be a daily struggle; not just for me but also for everyone who is like me.  And I know that there are many.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of people alive right now who live every single day doing work for the Light, and who suffer at the hands of the Dark as a result.

They are the frontlines.

They are helping to enable the planet to awaken, to evolve, to feel some freedom amidst all of the control structures–many of which are now being brought into the light and exposed.

I am a Lightworker.

It is my passion to help others.  Not as a martyr or savior.  As the full expression of my soul.

I am the Light.  I work for the Light.  I am a Lightworker.

And I cannot stay in the closet anymore just because the people around me might not understand…


Would you like to support me and my work?  I receive with deep thanks your donations of all amounts.

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