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A period of quiet

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With apologies, I have been quiet lately on social media. The eclipse two weeks ago had an impact on my health, so coming back online has been the focus.  The weekly Wednesday calls are still on, though. Please join at 7pm EST (4pm PST) for guided meditation, energy healing, and your Q&A.

Since becoming attuned to a higher level of energies and dimensions, it has been clear to me that eclipses–which come in pairs–are times of significant energetic shake-ups for the energy of and surrounding our planet.  The effects are generally positive, but can be accompanied by much negative; it is what it is.  But we might feel it in our life or our bodies.  We might even be extra-sensitive to energies, emotions, or events.

It is a good time to hold yourself stable, while shedding anything (negative) that seeks to leave your life, and welcoming anything (positive) that seeks to come into your life.

The next 24 hours will bring us another eclipse; a partial eclipse of the sun. And then we look to the Equinox in March, when we will spend a few moments in total balance between day and night.

All of these events can be good times to minimize the stimulation you receive from outside sources. This allows you to turn your attention to your inner self, to see what is happening and being felt within you, and to use this absolute focus to promote healing on yourself.

As Yogi Bhajan, a yogic master, said: “The most powerful language in the world is silence. And that is a healer’s language. Remember that.”

Silence is indeed a healer’s language. May you have silence when you need it. ??

yoga, meditation, energy healing, healer, awakening


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