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The power to change our karma

I’ve been dealing a lot lately with people who owe me something that I loaned to them with love. I’ve been trying to get it back, because too much time has passed. In response, I’ve been ignored, unfriended, blocked on Facebook, and my household has been the recipient of psychic attacks (be they deliberate or not).

All of this has of course angered me as it simultaneously hurt me deeply. I have had to choose my response carefully, because at this point I accept that I have lost friends to this matter, and all I want now is to get back what is mine. I have not lashed out.

Not only is it not warranted or effective, but I also know that karma is real.

There is a higher realm keeping track of all of our thoughts, intentions, and actions. It collects debt better (and more appropriately) than we can down here. Whether or not I get my loan back, it will indeed be repaid by the debtor somehow, at some time, and some where.

This situation is what caused the words in the photo to come to me. I do believe that justice happens. Maybe not today. Maybe not in this lifetime. But it happens.

Karma is the consequences of our actions. The Divine records it all. We can be our own worst enemy. Or, since we are indeed the ones in control, we have the power to clear our debt and ensure that we don’t incur (much) more.

That is empowering.

Let us all choose wisely, rightly, and with the Heart before we act. ???
And if we’re concerned with evil-doers seeming to get away with injustices here on Earth, then it is helpful to know that all energy is recorded by the Divine; no debt goes unnoticed. All debts (or consequences) are paid eventually.

[Disclaimer: That doesn’t always satisfy me, especially with some of the more significant offenders of our world. But if I have nothing else to give me hope, then I fall back on the idea of Divine Justice.]


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