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Full transparency is approaching

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You may have heard of something called the “Age of Aquarius” (I’m not referring to the song). The Age of Aquarius is something that began officially in 2012, and which derives from an astrological alignment—how the Earth tilts in relation to the constellations of the Zodiac; since 2012, we’ve been tilting towards Aquarius. We will continue doing so for a couple thousand years. Energetically, the effects associated with this new tilt are such that they have the power to create major changes in our world.

Think of how much we’re affected by Earth’s tilt towards the sun—more/less daylight, more/less heat depending on the season. Now zoom out to a larger cycle than the one between Earth and Sun, and you can imagine that stopping a tilt towards Pisces and beginning a tilt toward Aquarius might affect how we feel down here.

Since the ancient cultures/teachings were aware that this alignment was coming, they told us what to expect. One perspective came from Yogi Bhajan, a yogic master; his warning is below:

Age of aquarius, yogi bhajan, truth, disclosure, consciousness

Image source: 3HO Foundation

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed a shift towards transparency—or at least revelations of how strongly some people and institutions have been controlling others?


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    Full transparency is approaching
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