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If we have a lifeline to offer, then let’s toss it

“No one likes a complainer.”

We hear this statement often, and indeed the energy of a true complainer is icky.

I recently heard this statement though from one of the “success gurus”: someone who made themselves very wealthy and was telling people how they, too, may become successful. Basically, the person said this: Life owes you nothing–you have no business complaining; if you really wanted success then you would stop complaining and work harder for it.

Okay. That may be true for some people. You know, the ones who talk a lot and try not so much.

But let’s acknowledge something here: There are people who are genuinely lost. There are people who want to change but are stumped as to how to do that, and as to what will work for them. Some people try really hard! They even know all the tricks! But they are 100% stuck.

For these people, we need to acknowledge that they need our help. We need to step up and assist. We need to be their reflection, to help them see what is causing their stuck-ness.

We need to be the sunlight that burns away the fog, allowing them to see clearly.

Some people complain and they need us to show up for them. It is within our power to help them. We need only to choose to do it.

We’re all in this together. Please let’s toss each other a lifeline when we notice that the other could use one.


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