The true purpose of the “teacher-student” dynamic

Yogi Bhajan always told his students that he intended to make them ten times greater than he was. And that if he didn’t accomplish this feat then he would consider that he had failed.

This was impressive because Yogi Bhajan was a genuine Master. He had mastered the complex branch of yoga that is Kundalini Yoga, and he had also attained all the yogic powers (called the siddhis).
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But Yogi Bhajan meant what he said: he knew that his purpose was not to make people as good as him. It was to make them even better.

When the underling grows farther than the guru, then the guru has a teacher under whom they may study. And humanity rises.

This dynamic of lifting someone higher than we are, so that we may then be lifted, plays out in all areas of life. Jobs. Classrooms. And parenthood.

The children are here to be our teachers, so that we ourselves may be lifted higher. We need to recognize this, so that we don’t keep them smaller than us, stifle them, and prevent our own growth. We need to give them permission to be who they came here to be, and permission to succeed.


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