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What’s a “timeline”? Timeline collapses, shifts, etc.

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All the possible paths that mankind could take are known as timelines.

It’s like, you’re walking down the road and could either turn left or turn right. If you turn left (to a direction you’ve never been before) then your soul has planned for the associated outcome. If you turn right (as you normally do) then your soul has, once again, planned for the associated outcome. Once you make your choice, then the other possible outcome is erased across time & space–it was a possibility but you didn’t choose it and so the energy of that possibility must dissolve.

Now imagine that all of planet Earth has this same thing but on a much much larger scale. The entire planet could turn left or turn right. (And there are more than just two choices at a given time.) The energy invested in each possibility is therefore much more significant. And since it involves an entire planet and all the races on it, the effects are felt across this universe (and even beyond). So…Earth’s choices of “left or right” happen less frequently, but when they do, it is a massive undertaking.

The collective consciousness decides which path it agrees to take, and a) lightworkers are deployed to hold onto & anchor that timeline, so that it actually takes hold (and no one interferes–so we also do security to protect the choice); and b) all of the choices that were not chosen must be dealt with…the energy of the possibilities collapses…and lightworkers are deployed to ensure that the energy is dispersed in a deliberate & gentle manner.


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