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August News: Trends I’ve noticed; monthly group healing


Happy August!

How are you doing?

July seemed to be a quieter month on the physical plane, but a busy and exhausting month on all of the other levels.  Indeed, sometimes our energy fields were so overwhelmed that doing just a single physical task was too much for us.

It’s actually important to recognize this distinction: We exist in “two” places at once.  We exist in our physical bodies, living in the physical world.  And we exist in the non-physical worlds (plural).  So, even if our physical bodies are doing nothing, our non-physical self might be busy.  If ever you’re doing nothing physically, but feeling stressed nonetheless, check your intuition to see if the rest of you is out working somewhere.

In “Energy Update: Working at night,” I talked about what many of us have been up to lately while our bodies sleep.  That is, we’re out working, often in other realms.  Some of these are even quite frightening, especially if we’re not used to visiting those types of realities.  Something that has started to shift in these realms, however, is that we’re now fighting back.  If we’ve spent years being chased in our “dreams,” then now we’re turning around and fighting, often with success.  This represents a huge shift in the world as a whole: We’re collectively taking back our power–and using it.

There are some trends in healing that I’d like to share.  These trends are ones that I’ve noticed in multiple people, over the past couple of months:

1. Lethargy, complete lack of motivation and will, hopelessness, and inability to move forward.  A lot of this, I feel, comes from all of the uncertainties in the world right now.  How do we plan for anything?  Can we plan a vacation?  Can we get a degree and expect to have a job upon graduation—or even expect that the industry we trained in still exists?  Should we start a new business when the supply chains might not be able to provide the goods we need to sell?  Etcetera.  Spiritually, many many things are shifting right now.  So much is “up in the air.”  Until it comes back down, falls into place, and shows us what the future will hold, some of us are a bit stuck.  We’re in a holding pattern.  There’s nowhere to move forward to, yet.  This can really affect our drive.

2. A rise of severe depression, to include feeling dead inside, or being plagued by thoughts encouraging us to transition (for more info, see this article).  In some cases, this is the result of psychic attack and/or soul loss.  If we feel dead inside, then a part of our soul is likely missing and needs to be retrieved.  As well, if there is anything encouraging us to leave, please reach out for an energy clearing.

3. People blossoming into new levels or their inner strength, self awareness, and self confidence.  This one is heartwarming.  A lot of us have worked hard to do the work needed to be not only awake but also empowered, changed, and ready to take on the (new) world.


Reminder: The Monthly Healing Call is Wednesday, August 5.  This occurs from 7-8pm EST, online.  If you’d like to do meditation, receive energy healing, and ask me a question in a private group setting, then join here.


If I can assist you with healing, coaching, or guidance, then find me here.  Choose from 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes.  Or, book a free consultation.

~ Jen Wozny
   BA, MSc, Founder

Check out our Events this month!

Tuesday, August 4: Class #2 of the online course.  Lessons: Interpreting Psychic Impressions (Part 1); Working with Energy to Facilitate Healing.  Meditation: Doing Healing on Yourself.  7-9pm EST.Wednesday, August 5: Monthly Healing Call. Features guided meditation, connection to/messages from your Higher Self, distant energy healing, and guidance during a Q&A period.  7-8pm EST.  Online.

Saturday, August 22: Healings co-hosted by Green Spirit in Manotick, ON.  These appointments are still being held virtually.  Book your Green Spirit appointment here.  11am to 4pm EST.

Every Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: Energy Healing and Life Coaching appointments by phone/Skype.  Choose from 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes.  Or, book a free consultation.


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Celestial Influences: August 2020

3: Full Moon
8: “Lion’s Gate”
15: Uranus turns Retrograde
19: New Moon

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