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Black Lives Matter: I will always do my part

I haven’t known what to say. I’ve wanted to say a thousand things.

But I’ve been here. I’ve been observing. I’ve been reading. My heart has been breaking. And empathically as well as psychically, I’ve been feeling all of this deeply.

I try to always do my part. I do the part that is mine to do, and I’ve been trying to do that.

My part is pretty quiet, on the physical level. But explosive on the psychic levels.

I will continue to do my part; fighting oppression, injustice, impunity, hierarchy, and evil itself.

I do this sometimes with other people, in the Global Energy Clearing calls. We tune into the entire planet and Cosmos, and remove all of those forces from the world.

I hosted one of those last week. Two people showed up.

So I’ve been processing that, too; wondering where all the self-appointed “lightworkers” are. I’m not sure when I’ll expend the time and effort to do one of those again.

I know, 100%, that we’re all tired. We’re burned out. We passed “overwhelm” in 2015. But *we are not done.*

This movement needs to stick this time. The change needs to happen right now. The suffering cannot be allowed to continue one more hour–we humans cannot allow that.

We decide that by our actions. Not our words. Our actions.

They can be small steps; but if they’re small then we can ask Source to amplify them. They can be large steps; and we can make them even larger by doing them as a holographic representation of the whole.

But let’s keep acting.

If we don’t, then we don’t have a future worth staying for.

We rest when we can. We find joy when we can. But we also act when we can.

~ Jen

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