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Big News: We moved!

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I am pleased and proud to announce that my new website just went live.  It offers a whole new look, more information about Put The Light Here’s services, and finally integrates both the online Shop as well as this Blog into the same unified website.

Subscribers: Please note that future blog posts will therefore be published to this address: https://putthelighthere.com/blog/.

I was told that if you subscribe to the blog at wordpress.com, then you will need to re-subscribe to the “new” blog.


When I created the old website, as well as this blog, everything was homemade.  I was figuring out the world of WordPress and website building, and the result was not the most eye-appealing product. 🙂  So every new follower–on the blog as well as on social media–meant the world to me.  I appreciate that you read what I write, and hope that it somehow adds value to your life.  I hope that you will enjoy the new website.  It is a better reflection of what I have been trying to convey here.


I am also happy to announce my new product line: Crystal Jewelry & Accessories.

It is a passion of mine to integrate crystals and other tools into our daily lives, not just as jewelry but as things like keychains that you can hang from almost anything in your home or car.  And so the crystal products offer that particular feature; for women, for men, and for our kids.


Thank you for sharing your journey with me.  I look forward to continuing together at https://putthelighthere.com/blog/.

~ Jen

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