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Look Younger, with Energy Healing

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Here’s a quick story that just happened to me: secret to looking younger

The mail lady just dropped off a package.

I had to sign for it.

Then she said, “You are older than 19 [right]…?”

Me: “Yes.”  (By 20 years.)


As I Get Older, I Look Younger

It has happened many times in recent months that my age has been in question.  At the store when buying wine, I’ve been asked for my identification.  New friends have a hard time believing that we’re the same age.  Others see a photo from 15 years ago and say that I haven’t aged a day.

I appreciate hearing that I look young (except when my credibility is doubted because of it).  I am blessed with some good, youthful genes.  But the true secret is actually this: I have healed myself of that which would age my appearance.


Energy Healing as a Fountain of Youth

So, I figured that it’s time to talk about energy healing as a “fountain of youth.”

Why?  Because healing truly does remove “age” from our cells.


A Simple Explanation

But how?

Let’s start here: Energy affects matter.

Energy changes matter.

Energy changes the shape of matter.

Negative emotions are energy. Cells are matter.

So, negative emotions can change the shape of our cells. And therefore change our appearance.

If we remove all of the negative energy within ourselves, then all of our cells can take on lighter, healthier appearances.

Therefore, we can look younger.


I have healed myself of that which would age my appearance.


A Simple Solution

How can we remove negative emotions from our cells—easily and effectively?  With Energy Healing.

I’d be happy to help you.

Arrange your appointment here.

I do my work over the phone, so appointments are available worldwide.


For more information on Energy Healing, visit this page.

Listen to me discussing how emotions change our appearance, and why a Kundalini Yoga training makes you look younger, on the Life in Red Podcast:



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secret to looking younger

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