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The Trade-Off: Afraid to go higher

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Our goals often require some form of sacrifice or “hardship.” There is something that we must do, overcome, work for, or give up in order to attain that goal.

And this fact can cause us to feel fear. Fear of what those hardships might be. Fear of what will be lost in the process of gaining.

I often see this fear in people who want to take their lives to a higher level. They want to connect with, and even embody, their Higher Self. But, subconsciously, they know that there will be a price.

Everything in our life that is “less than” the level of the goal will need to be dealt with. The weight of this task keeps many people anchored in place.

Looking to a higher level of life; but held down by their fears.

I can say this: It is difficult and even painful. But: The price is worth it.

Being the Authentic Self is freedom.

(The quote in the photo is by Jen Wozny and from one of our Mini-Courses.)


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