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Here’s why you should get angry

It’s often thought that we shouldn’t allow ourselves to get angry. Or that anger is a negative emotion. That can be true–if it becomes destructive, if it is vented unconsciously. But.  anger power

Wisdom teachings tell us that anger is just another energy. And we have the choice of how we use it. We can let this angry energy use us. Or we can be in control and make it work for us.

Anger used rightly is what gets us back up when we got knocked down. It is the fuel that lets us do what we need to do, to survive and thrive. It is what impels us to bust through blocks, overcome obstacles, and do what others believed was impossible.

When you feel anger inside you, pause for a moment. Feel it. Talk to it if that is right. Then take control of it and harness its power in order to do something constructive.


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anger power

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