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Information Shatters Illusions: The Indigenous genocide in Canada

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Information shatters illusions.

The more we learn, the more we can see clearly.

This is true for ourselves: when we look deeply into our past, our beliefs, our memories, and see them with fresh eyes.

This is also true for the world around us.

And today, in the world around us, I am with the Indigenous People of Canada.

Never in all of my “education” was I taught what was done to them, and what is still to this very day being done to them.

My illusions have been mostly shattered (there is still learning to do), and I am grateful for that.

I do not want to turn a blind eye to ANY suffering.

And as a healer, I deeply appreciate my ability to tune in and facilitate meaningful change.

Indeed, shattering the collective illusions has been one of my projects for years.

This Earth will be handed over to its rightful leaders.

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