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“Awakening”: Let’s Define It and Understand It

There is a phenomenon that is currently sweeping through our world, and since it shows no signs of slowing down, it will be useful to understand clearly what it is.  The phenomenon is “awakening.”

We see in mainstream media, social media, and pop culture many references to awakening, “mass awakening,” being “awake,” being “woke,” and even the converse idea of being asleep—which is what some are referring to when they use the derogatory terms “sheep” or “sheeple.”

And one trend happening among those who are awakened is this: They want others to now be awakened, as well.

Furthermore, these “awakened” individuals are not sitting passively in their new state of awareness.  No.  They are active.  They are activists.  They are vocal.  They are making demands of their employers, local governments, state/provincial governments, federal governments, transnational corporations, and everyone in their vicinity.  They want freedom, truth, disclosure.  They are pointing out the flaws in the system.  They are openly and virally sharing information that was previously kept hidden.  They are restless.  And their activity is indeed causing other people to wake up.

So what is this “awakening” exactly and what does it mean?  And why should we care at all?

Let’s examine the root word being used: to awaken or to be awake.

Per the dictionaries, “awake” is defined as:

  • “to become conscious or aware of something”;
  • “to arouse from sleep or a sleeplike state”; and
  • “to make active.”

Let’s also examine the converse word, “asleep,” which is defined as:

  • “lacking sensation”;
  • “inactive; dormant”;
  • “not alert; indifferent”; and
  • a “complete or partial suspension of consciousness.”

So, if it is true that people are now becoming conscious or aware of something, then to what were we asleep?  The answer is two-fold.

First, people are becoming more aware of: our human potential.  And as the Masters have shown us throughout history, the potential of a human is great.  Think levitation, teleportation, telepathy, spontaneous healing, and so much more.  It is this awareness, this type of discovery, that is generally associated with Spirituality and spiritual pursuits.

The second thing that people are becoming more aware of is this: We are awakening to see the world more clearly than ever before.  We are awakening to see how the world really works; those unseen levers that drive our governments and policies.  We are seeing more clearly the manipulations and subtle programmings that are keeping us just a little bit smaller than we would like to be.  It is this type of awakening that is driving the demands for change.

It is important to know that the two types of awakening are independent of each other.  A person awakening to their own fullest potential is not necessarily also seeing the world more clearly.  They are looking inward.  And a person who sees the world clearly is not necessarily also seeing their own personal potential.  They are looking outward.  So the two are not linked.  Although, there are indeed some people who are undergoing both types of awakening simultaneously.

So, what are the consequences of this wave of awakened people?  Fundamentally, it is positive that people are seeing how powerful they are as a human and therefore choosing to embody their fuller potential.  And fundamentally, it is positive that people are seeing some of the unnecessary controls on our lives and demanding more freedom for us all.  If we continue down this road, then in the future, our lives will be even more fulfilling, and our world will be an even better place to call home—and this is precisely why we should care.

If you are undergoing the awakening process, or have completed it but would like some further guidance, then we would be happy to help you.  Please visit our Shop to schedule your appointment.


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