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Here’s An Overview of What We’ll Do Together

Experience the power of deep energy healing combined with life coaching and holistic guidance, and enjoy feeling happier, healthier, lighter, more authentic, more clear, more empowered, and more whole. ottawa healing, reiki ottawa, shamanism ottawa, psychic ottawa
My healing sessions blend together Reiki, Shamanism, and Psychic Healing in order to help people find freedom from suffering, stuckness, unhealthy relationships, and all manner of conditions–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours “tuning in” to do healings, and have refined an approach that helps clients quickly but gently.

And the best part?  We don’t even need to be in the same room: My work is virtual, so you can receive help wherever in the world you’re located.  I currently have clients spread across six of the seven continents.
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The second-best thing?  I’m trauma aware and all of my work is trauma sensitive.  I believe in the power of energy healing to help those with PTSD and Complex PTSD.  Every session makes a deep, meaningful difference.

Here Are Some Benefits You Can Expect

Stronger boundaries.
Speaking your truth and honouring your instincts.
Healthier relationships with your spouse and/or children.
Feeling strong and empowered.
Spiritual guidance. energy healer ottawa
Help navigating the awakening process.
Clarity on situations that are happening in your life.
Getting unstuck and being free to move forward.
Feelings of lightness.
Greater authenticity, and knowing who you are.
Calmer emotions, and the absence of negative emotions.
Feelings of deep peace. energy healer ottawa
Positive outlook, with reason to be hopeful.
Relaxation. energy healing ottawa
Better sleep.
Increased physical comfort. energy healer ottawa
Clearer thinking.
Trust in your path, your higher guidance, and where you’re headed.
And so much more.

How You Might Be Feeling Now

Clients come to me with all manner of symptoms: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
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Here are some of the things my work can help you with:

– stress, burnout, exhaustion
– emotional overwhelm ottawa healing, ottawa healer, reiki ottawa
– pain, Fibromyalgia, migraines
– mysterious aches and tension energy healing ottawa
– recovering from surgery, including C-sections
– chronic illness or mystery illness
– PTSD and Complex PTSD
– depression, anxiety
– brain fog, confusion
– sense of heaviness energy healer ottawa, energy healing ottawa
– feeling stuck or lost in life
– entangled in family drama or an unhealthy relationship
– going through major life changes
– overwhelmed from pregnancy and motherhood
– undergoing a spiritual awakening
– noticing that your psychic senses are awakening
– going through the Dark Night of the Soul
– feeling past-life wounds shamanic healing ottawa
– feeling soul loss energy healing ottawa, spiritual ottawa
– weighed down by ancestral trauma

Here’s What My Clients Say ottawa healer, reiki master ottawa

“I have FINALLY found my voice and have begun speaking my truth.”
“The issue I had completely disappeared.”
“The lightness and healing I feel after each healing is the best feeling.”
“I suddenly feel much lighter and so relaxed.”
“[Jen] is wholly present and pays attention to each minute detail.”
“I’m not sure what we would do without your light.” energy healer ottawa
“It is my sincere belief that if you’re drawn to Jen then you’re blessed with a loving light.”
“You are an Authentic spiritual teacher. You fully embody the teachings.”

If you’re ready, click here to book an appointment now. If you have questions, then you’re welcome to start with a free 15-minute phone consultation. To read more about my appointments, click here.
ottawa healing, reiki ottawa, shamanism ottawa, psychic ottawa, energy healing ottawa

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