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mentor lightworker

The two roles of Energy Healer and Lightworker are often combined in any given person, but for the sake of explanation, they are separated below. All mentoring appointments include energy clearing, healing, and upgrades as needed. mentor lightworke


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Mentoring for Energy Healers

Energy Healing works, of course, with “energy.” And the energy of our planet, as well as the cosmic energy to which we have access, is changing. Also changing in accordance with the energetic shifts are the types of issues and questions that we as healers are being faced with from our clients; and the techniques and tools that are needed to address them.

Our world is ever-evolving. Our skills need to be, too.

Just as the Reiki symbols, for example, have changed over time in order to deliver more power (as that power came available) so too do energy healers need to change over time, to remain current.

Evolving with the energies primarily involves evolving one’s own self. It requires that a person’s energetic body be a high enough vibration to access some of the newly revealed realms. It requires that fears about being powerful, and limitations about where in the cosmos we are willing to go, be cleared. It also requires a study of all of the new possibilities, and practice of some of the techniques being brought forth.

Jen, the founder of Put The Light Here, spent years of intense, 24/7 work clearing her lower frequencies, installing and embodying the highest possible vibration, and touring and working with the Cosmos to become familiar with new issues, new techniques, and new types of non-physical colleagues. She is now positioned to assist others with attaining similar levels of vibration and skill. Indeed, it is her pleasure and passion to do this, as our planet is in increasing need of evolved healers ready to face the new realities together.

Mentoring for Lightworkers  mentor lightworker

Lightworkers are here to bring “light” to our planet and to Creation itself. They often feel this purpose inside of them. They do not always know how to pursue it.

Jen’s mentoring for Lightworkers is responsive to the needs of each individual client. That said, her mentoring generally involves two main functions: helping the Lightworker to know who they are, why they are here, and what specifically they are meant to do; and how to fit that wisdom into the world right now—so that the Lightworker can begin to fulfill their purpose immediately, in specific and tangible ways.

Jen’s view of the world is strategic and relatively comprehensive: She is aware of trends and patterns in the social and geopolitical realms; emerging markets and collapsing markets; new techniques and tools that are right for our planet, as well as modalities or technologies that are losing support; and a wide variety of techniques and paths unique to Lightworkers. This strategic perspective helps her to guide clients to the right areas of work based on who they really are.

mentor lightworker

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