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to heal (v): to make healthy, whole, or sound; to bring to an end or completion; to make free from ailment; to restore to health lightworker mentor, healer of healers, spiritual mentor, energy healing training

healer: someone who has done the deep work of healing themselves, and who has a knowing that their soul’s purpose in this life is also to help others do the same; the healer may practice any number of available modalities or may have brought forth their own
spiritual awakening guide
Our world is evolving rapidly, and as that happens, the problems that people come to us with are very different than anything we’ve faced before. Remaining current with our studies is absolutely essential. And having an awareness of what is happening to people, why, and how to treat these new issues will help us respond to these needs.

Jen’s work is at the forefront of the change, and her knowledge and understanding of the Cosmos will help your own awareness expand. If there is a specific skill you wish to develop or refine, she can train you in your appointment. And if you yourself need some healing or clearing, as we all do, then you can receive it in  your session. It is so important for the healers to have their own trusted healer to turn to.
energy healing training, awakening or psychosis
mentor for healers
light (n): the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible; having illumination; carrier of information; to provide with energy; the quality of being luminous; emitting or reflecting light lightworker mentor, healer of healers, spiritual mentor, energy healing training

lightworker: someone who has chosen to embody on Earth during its transition from dark, patriarchal rule to a new world of light, unity, and participation in the cosmic community, and whose life purpose therefore is to help that shift

Lightworkers are essential to our survival right now. We come from a host of far-away places, carry a wide variety of frequencies, and have our own unique roles to play to ensure that this tiny-but-important planet makes it through its ascension.

Learn from a soul who has been on the frontlines of the change, who works with the background energies of the planet and Cosmos, and who teaches and guides other lightworkers in their missions.
energy healing training, awakening or psychosis

awaken (v): to become conscious or aware of something; to arouse from sleep or a sleeplike state; to make active lightworker mentor, healer of healers, spiritual mentor, energy healing training

awakening soul: a person who is transitioning from a third-dimensional human being, characterized by being unaware of the spiritual realms and greater cosmos, by being subordinate to patriarchal governance, and by being unaware of their eternal soul; and into a higher level of human presence, characterized by a new energy body, a perspective that encompasses the greater cosmic reality, a deep presence of unity with all things, an absolute knowingness of being one with Source, and a self-governance system guided by the heart. The process of this transition involves facing and healing a myriad of wounds—the soul’s wounds as well as all relevant ancestral wounds. A years-long process, often intense, often mistaken for psychosis.

The spiritual awakening process is a confusing and challenging process to navigate. We often don’t even recognize that this is what’s happening to us, and simply think that life is just being difficult or unfair.  As mentioned above, true spiritual awakenings are often misdiagnosed as being mental illness or psychosis. For this reason, people are given the wrong treatments, and even caused harm as a result.

If you are awakening, then you want to be guided by someone who knows the process—because they themselves have gone through it, end to end. Jen has not only completed this process, she has also studied it as a professional. She brings all of her experience and knowledge to her awakening clients. Your sessions will also include energy healings where necessary.
lightworker mentor, healer of healers, spiritual mentor

mentor (n): a wise and trusted counselor or teacher; a trusted guide lightworker mentor, healer of healers, spiritual mentor, energy healing training

It is my honour to assist you in your journey. Whether you are a healer, a lightworker, an awakening soul, or all three, our planet needs you at this time and it will be my pleasure to work with you.

You are welcome to start with a free 15-minute phone consultation. Or if you’re ready to make an appointment, click the button below.

mentor lightworker, mentoring for healers, mentoring for lightworkers, spiritual mentor
spiritual awakening guide, how to be a better healer

Our world is ever-evolving. Our skills need to be, too.

~ Jen Wozny

healer of healers, lightworker mentoring, healing coach, spiritual guide
About Jen
Jen Wozny is a Holistic Energy Healer, frontline Lightworker, and survivor of the Shamanic Awakening process. She is deeply involved in the protection, healing, and ascension of planet Earth.  Her service originally required her to travel across the USA and Canada to visit sacred sites, help plant energies on key dates, and clear immense amounts of dark energy from the world.  She has also hosted close to a hundred of what she calls “Global Energy Clearing calls,” where she enlists fellow lightworkers and healing practitioners to do the difficult work of removing dense energies from the planet in order to create space for the light to settle in.

In Jen’s practice, she blends Reiki, Shamanism, Psychic Healing, Life Coaching, and holistic guidance to help her clients heal from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. She is the founder of Put The Light Here, a wellness company based in Ottawa, Ontario, with clients on almost every continent. A former part of Canada’s national security community, Jen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Intelligence Analysis. She is also a Reiki Master, Shamanic practitioner, Elite Life Coach, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher, with Continuing Education credits in healing trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Find more about Jen in her bio, in her Curriculum Vitae, and in her story, “25,000 Miles to Me: Faith, Endurance, and Uncovering My True Self.” Read about her Advanced-level Services.

spiritual awakening guide, mentor for healers

Let’s work together.

mentor lightworker, mentoring for healers, mentoring for lightworkers, spiritual mentor
spiritual awakening guide, mentor for healers, how to be a lightworker, how to be a better healer, lightworker mentoring, healing coach, spiritual guide, awakening or psychosis, healer of healers.

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